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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Long week

Thankfully its almost over.  Been trying to get a few things done.  Found an awesome place in the city near where I work that does some amazing curry dishes.  I go there every lunch now because finding a good curry place for me has been FAIL since the place near my place closed down about 10 years back.  Well, they reopened but the chef was different and I ignored it ever since.  So while I'm eating the curry and the spice makes my eyes tear up, its not tears from the spice, its tears of joy.

I'm not really partial to spice though.  Like say chilli etc.  I like it in moderation and with specific foods.  I dont like it all the time as it drowns out the flavour.  Lots of spice kills your taste buds.  I have a friend that only enjoys food if theres lots of spice on it, otherwise he says it doesnt have much taste to it.  Obviously.  Its because you've raped your tongue. 

I finally started getting in some stuff I ordered.  Specifically PC parts.  I needed to replace my very old and practically dead dvd drive so I thought I might as well get a bluray writer for the system.  They're pretty cheap these days and theres little point getting a dvd drive since this one will last me years.  Also finally got an extra 4gigs of ram for my pc.  I actually wasnt sure what to expect with performance, I just knew I needed more because my pc was struggling at times with too many apps loaded.  But yeah, 4gigs was borderline ok, but 8gigs WOW!  It really makes everything much much faster.  Like firefox for example, the memory devouring whore, would take like 20seconds or so to load up if I had 5+ tabs on it.  Now its up in like 5 seconds or so.  Games move a little better too, very evident and welcome.

My only problem so far is my video card I ordered.  I grabbed the sexy nvidia 560Ti because its cheap and will obliterate any game you send its way.  Problem is my monitor doesnt seem to start up when I have it connected.  Not sure if its about needing more power or whatever.  Grabbing a spare power cable from a friends later so I can use specific outputs on my power supply that hammer out juice.  Fingers crossed I get this working on the weekend.  Or I will literally fucking cry and have to think what I need to do to get it working.

I dont know if this weekend will be the time I put up the changes to this blog.  A few things are just taking forever to do because the other person I'm trying to do something with is hard to see since we both work a crapload.  Once its up it'll be different.  Just getting the damn thing going is the painful part.   Anyway heres something I ate during work.  Num nummy cone of creamy awesomeness.


  1. That cone kinda remind me of a fleshlight ... I'd still eat it though.

  2. I know what you mean about spices, especially curry. Tofu curry I hope.

    8gb of ram is a lot. What operating system are you on, windows 7 64-bit?

  3. Yeah win7 64. But thats a good amount to have for win7. 4 is decent but 8 is where you get the real performance boost. 12gigs not much point. It sort of peaks at 8gigs.