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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ok thats a first..

So today was fairly entertaining.  Went to dinner with a couple friends to my fave place.  It was super busy and we ended up waiting about 40min to get a seat and then another 30min till we got our food.  Basically I dont know how the time was passed around, but we got there about 6:30pm and left 9:40pm.  It was unbelievably busy for some strange reason.  Never seen it that bad.   There was also a shitload of pretty girls all over the place.  Then I noticed they appeared to be at the most 20 year olds.  Maybe 21.  But I'm sure heaps of them were 18 or 19.  So that pretty much meant I had to decide in my head they were NOT pretty.  The skimpy tight clothing though was something I had trouble getting my brain to ignore.  Thats just fucking evil.

Anyway, we ate, and we ate like kings.  When we were leaving I got a sensation I'd never felt before.  While waiting in line to pay for our meal it was can I describe it..  Like a thick pressure was weighing down onto my head and pushing down on my whole body, and my lower half felt like the ground was moving.  It was totally bizarre and I really didnt like it.  If I had to try and describe it I guess it would be like a cross between being drunk on a boat with your feet glued to the floor so you dont stagger.  Except I didnt drink anything.  Thankfully it was gone when we got outside.  Dunno what it was and I hope never to experience that again.  I bet it was an alternate me in an alternate dimension who was standing in that same spot and causing a ripple.  Thats got to be it.  GOT TO BE!

So my friends been hassling me to go to Supernova in april.  Its a large movie/tv/comic/anime convention that happens once a year.  Last year we went to Armageddon which was pretty cool, but this is the largest one that happens in Australia.  I've been doing my best to ignore it because I'm trying ever so hard to save up to build an expansion to this house.   There are some guests going I'd love to meet.  Simon Pegg, Christopher Lloyd,  Chris Claremont, Robin Hobb, David Finch, and a couple others.  I'd just convinced myself I could live without meeting these people and getting their autographs.  Only JUST.  And now my friend goes and shows me the latest announced guest..  Eric Roberts.  Its like the convention is fucking with me.  I saw the name and it was like the website reached out and slapped me across the face with its penis and said WHAT NOW BITCH!  I dont think I can ignore this.  Huge fan of his since the 80s.  This doesnt change the fact that my money situation isnt changing.  And if I dont stay at my job after 2more months then that hits hard.  But its a one time only thing.  I doubt I'll ever get to meet him again after this.  I'll think on it for a couple more weeks and then make my plan.

Saw this linked on a friends website.  Made me lol


  1. Well, at least the wait for the food was worth it. Eating like kings is always a good thing.

    I've been wanting to watch the Back to the Future trilogy lately, I love Christopher Lloyd. I watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit a few days ago and I never really appreciated all the work they had to put into making the film because I wasn't old enough to understand it fully. You know how you take things at face value when you're a kid, it just didn't matter.

  2. H he!! Yeah Christopher Lloyld is one of my favourites actors too!! ^^

  3. You should totally move to the UK, 16 and over is legal...