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Friday, February 18, 2011

Its that wonderful day, friday!

So tired lol.  Tomorrow I'm sleeping in a crapload.  Today was fairly interesting.  I slacked off half of the day since I've half lost my drive to care.  While at it I had one of the big bosses come sit next to me out of the blue and asking me how I'm getting along with everything, am I enjoying it, do I see myself staying there, he's hearing lots of positive things about my performance and skills etcetcetc.  I just gave him vague answers since I'm not sure 100% whether I should leave or not.  But so far the job might just not be for me.  He's a cool guy though.  Almost everyone there is great.  That would be the only bad thing about not staying.

Today I finally got it.  What you ask?  I got my Masterpiece Hot Rod!!  Long time in the coming but I finally have it and its awesome.  Worst thing about these is pictures never do it justice.  Its pretty huge and lush.  But I took some pictures anyway so you could see.  Unfortunately its with my iphone4.  For some reason this thing only takes awesome photos when theres plenty of light, and it somethings up close.  My other camera seems to have developed a stupid issue where everything I take turns a strong shade of PURPLE. I'l have to send it off for repairs.  Luckily I bought a 5 year warranty when I got it, 2 years left on it I think.   And I didnt use my Lumix G2 yet because I'm still reading up on how to use it.  Like the other night I saw an owl and wanted to take a picture of it, but for some reason my G2 was not wanting to.  Not even with the flash enabled.  I dont really get it but something about the dark refused to let it take a picture.  Its in the settings somewhere I'm sure.  I bet it kept wanting to do long exposure.

I love this transformer.  My favourite autobot from the movie.  Just awesome.  Anyway, pics!


  1. He got Optimus killed, I can never forgive that.

  2. Vlahka I would highly advise you to not quit your job. You have probably heard this inspirational bullshit before, but I know for a fact that most jobs do not come with an office full of awesome people. Though all jobs are hard, but if you quit this job, you may never find another job where you can work with friends instead of working with sheep. All IT jobs are the same, with the same amount of dickheads you have to help. You don't have to listen to me, I don't know all the specifics on your job, but I'm just saying you shouldn't quit.

  3. Hopefully you decide to stick with your job. I want to see the basement room you've mentioned before completed.

  4. for some reason that transformer reminds me of Gurren Lagann xD