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Monday, February 7, 2011


Well today was bloody fun.  First day of the joyless work week.  Had to wake up early so I couldnt stay up to watch Chelsea play Liverpool, who got RAPED by liverpool btw FUCK YOU CHELSEA WOOO!!!!!!!  I guess my morning started off good on that note after seeing the score.  I know all my useless bastard UTD and tottenham fan friends couldnt say shit to me today.  Thats something different considering how the seasons been going.

So went to work, got some really stupid jobs to work on.  Some people really shouldnt be allowed to use pcs.  I mean seriously.  At least one funny moment, saw a persons username as 'fap'.  Much lols were had.  MY most furstrating so far, told a lady to leave her pc on after she left work so I could upload some programs she needs.  Told her dont turn your pc off, just log out.  She's all like OK!!  End of the day she emails saying she's going home and I can do what I need to do.  I repeated, make sure your pc stays on, just log out.  She's all RIGHTO LOGGING OUT BYEEEE!!!!   5min later I go to upload the programs...'pc is offline'..  WTF SERIOUSLY!

Bit of good news.. I think I'll be changing the blogs layout this weekend.  A few things I was waiting on are going really well and should be ready to put up.  I'm looking forward to it.  Like really heaps looking forward.  I'm also looking forward to the weekend so the work week is over.  I told people at work that if they vote for me when I run for prime minister I'll make sure work weeks are only 4 days instead of 5.  I should be getting plenty of votes.

This is pretty much me at work.


  1. ok, this reminds me of that lady who wanted to disable pac man from google site (
    I agree with u, there's a lot of people that shouldn't be using computers...

  2. A shame that Torres turned to the Dark Side. :(

    And by the Dark Side, I mean Chelsea.


    His armband lied, he was no red

    Torres! Torres!

    He´s just a rentboy like they said
    Torres! Torres!

    Into our backs he plunged his knife,

    I hope John Terry shags his wife

    Fernando Torres, Chelsea´s number 9

    found that pretty funny.

  3. I'm excited to se the changes you have in store for us.

    My work week hasn't even started yet. Whole week would be great if Friday wasn't a 06:00 to 14:00 shift. All the other days are 10:30 to 14:00.