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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fuck you peak hour traffic

I dont get it.  Why do so many RETARDS have a license?  They shouldnt be on the road yet they are.  One thing I loathe about working in the city is the amount of traffic I have to go through up and back.  For some reason going TO work everyone seems more normal on the roads.  I dont think I've ever seen an accident in the morning.  And this is by retards who are half asleep!  But after work?  One one damn highway I passed 7-8 cars that had smashed into each other.   2 cars in one group, then like 5 in the next.  How is it possible that half asleep = extremely few accidents, but fully awake = spastic mode.   My driving skills are godly, 16 years without a single accident, but theres just so much I can do when theres idiots around me.  Sooner or later ones going to make a bee line straight into me and then be all HERP DERP and I'll be in hospital while they adjust their makeup.

Friend asked me what she should buy for her boyfriend on valentines day.  Told her to get one of those medallions that split in half and they can both carry one.  She said hell no because that felt like the 4th level of clingy.  So I told her to buy him a fleshlight since it sounds like he'll probably need it in that relationship.

Another friend wanted to draw a dinosaur.  So I drew one for her.


  1. Just read the 2 final paragraphs and see the drawing...

    Geez, I can stop the lolz

  2. XD a fleshlight is perfect.

    D: No one ever speeds TO work unless they're running late.

  3. Yeah, I know what you mean with traffic. At least you only have to go to and from work though. Since I'm a delivery driver I'm dealing with morons all day on the road, and then they look at me while they're on the phone like I'm the crazy idiot.

    I wonder if that girl will take your advice, haha. Epic rampaging dinosaur is epic.

  4. If someone hits you in your car, you should sue the shit out of them. Sue them so much that they have to pay you back by being your sex slave. I know what you might be thinking "But deathpotato, what if it is a man?" Don't be silly, men don't get into accidents, only women do. They should be home in the kitchen, but they aren't so karma throws them into other cars to teach them a lesson. It's scientifically proven.

  5. dinosaur, nice!
    i think people are too tired from work to pay attention on the road. i don't know...
    but the truth is you have do pay attention on the road and on those retards as well. good luck with that.