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Friday, February 25, 2011

Rocked the place

Today was fairly entertaining.  Work was busy as hell but most of the guys there seemed to try talking to me more often then usual.  Dunno if everyone was in just an overly friendly mood, the fact that it was a friday and the week was finally over, or they sensed I was making plans to find a job elsewhere.  Either way was good.   Today was also Bowling night that work had organised.  A bunch of us rocked up and we just screwed around.  Seriously, pregnant woman bowling.  Thats how we rock.

Its been yeeeaaaaaaars since I'd gone bowling so I was super out of practice.  Still, I almost made 200 during our second game so that was good enough for me.  They had a bunch of songs playing over the speakers and it was freaky hearing all these songs that came out while I was in high school like songs from nirvana, rick astley, and a bunch of other dance songs.   Every time a song popped up I'd be like Hey I remember when this song came out.  And one of my co-workers girlfriends would be all like how fucking old are you?!.  Was lol.  Until she said Jesus you're only 5 years younger then my dad.  And my brain stopped right there.

Still its always awesome being able to just blend in as a guy in his 20s with the others.  I was on a roll with my 1 liners tonight too.  Had them all loling.  That was great. 


  1. When one masters the one-liner, he becomes the god of humor

  2. I went bowling last week .. I lost to my sister ... yea.. Not doing that again :3

  3. Wow, she must not think before she talks. But at least you had a good time.

    The picture took me a moment to figure out, but then it hit me like a ton of bricks.