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Saturday, February 26, 2011

God damnit

So I think I realize why my new video card isnt working.  The cables I'm using arent supplying it enough power.  And for some reason the cables I need that SHOULD of come with my power supply that I SWEAR I stored somewhere, are pretty much MIA.  So now I need to contact Thermaltake and have them send me some new ones.  God knows how long this will take.  And if they somehow send me the wrong ones well I'll just spit.  Oh well, going to be a while till I get this working.  Pretty shitty.

On a lighter note I've decided tomorrow I will be changing my blogs layout, so dont freak out if you log in and suddenly it looks completely different with a different title.  Its still the same place but acquiring new cool stuff.  I hope you all enjoy it.  Some things might come slowly, but thats because I work, but I'll try to do at least 1 cool thing each week.  I'll tell you about the things tomorrow with the change.  The full layout wont be up tomorrow, as I am planning on making a slightly better background and a title picture.  But for now it'll be the stock standard new version.  You'll all also get a chance to give me feedback with what you'd like to see with relation to the new features.


  1. Can't wait for tomorrow to see the new layout. The flame layout hurt my eyes when I was reading your post, the black background anyways.

  2. I've never been a fan of the flame layout. I put it there since people like the molotov thing and attribute it to me. I was never going to keep it.

  3. Modular PSU's. You can't hate them, but when shit happens...D:

  4. Well, at least you found the problem with the video card, and that it wasn't actually the video card that was bad.

    I'm eagerly awaiting the changes.