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Friday, February 11, 2011

100 swear words

Thats how many I could say in a row and still it wouldnt be enough to describe how frustrated I am.  Was so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow after a week long of little sleep and lots of work, and my dad goes and books my car in for a service early saturday morning.  Like wtf seriously.   Might as well stab me in the eye.

Another thing, I'd like to give out a huge FUCK YOU to cyclists who persist at riding their bike in peak hour traffic.  I dont know what goes on in your stupid heads, but stop it.  Just stop.  Use that fucking footpath thats beside you that DOESNT have cars backed up behind you because you're taking too much room in the lane to overtake.  Just because you want to save money on fuel and ride around, doesnt mean those of us who DO spend money to drive our cars should have to suffer driving at the speed of a bike!

I also would like to know how old people seem to litter the government job positions.  Most are dense as all hell, like the lady I was helping over the phone.  She had an issue with her formatting, something wasnt sticking, but because I'd taken 15min to try and get the stupid system working by remote control, she started getting pissy.  Like I could wake a magic wand and make it work.  I handed the slag to one of my co-workers since I had to do something and the first thing she complained about, after being on the phone no more then 20min, was IVE BEEN ON HOLD FOR 45min!!  And the guy was like...uh, I'm sure.  How about you go back to using paper and envelopes to send your mail.  How about that?  What?  Yeah thought so.

Not al doom and gloom though.  End of the month theres a work gathering going on.  Bowling and pizza.  I aint been bowling in forever so this should be heaps fun.  And you know whats even better?  Next months trip?  PAINTBALL!!!  Its going to go down!  They said one of the guys last year rocked up in a huge pink rabbit outfit.  Needless to say he got torn apart lololol but thats the sort ofpeople I work with.  Great fun. 

I should be sleeping since I have to be up soon.  You know when you hear a song and it sticks in your head?  Thats whats happening with me for the past few days.  And its not even a new song.  Its an old song I already know.  Beastie boys 'ch-check it out'.  It just goes over and over in my head for NO reason.

All you trekkies and tv addicts
Don't mean to diss
Don't mean to bring static
All you klingons in the fuckin' house
Grab your backstreet friend and get loud

non fucking stop!  Must be cause its got star trek and I'm a huge nerd at heart so its smashing my brain.  Anyway, heres something I ate during lunch.  Chocolate mousse with awesome cream and cake in the middle.  I actually went omnomnom while eating and workmates girlfriend loled at me.


  1. Paintballin' :D Nice, very nice!

    Just curious, I know your in a diff time zone & you have a job, but, Do you still play games with Austin & All??
    it's been awhile since I've heard your voice in a video. :)

  2. Nope I dont play with them any more. I'm planning to play some games with jed soon though. If they're funny I might upload some.

  3. You mean you're never gonna play another game with them?

  4. Hello Mr.Vlahka!!
    I discovered your blog last night, while I was on your YOUTUBE page. I also watched all your Left4Dead videos with Kilplix, Jed and Cody (I'm really fan of your team ^^ it's a pitty that you stopped)
    I just wanted to say that you are the most cute person I have ever seen in my short life!! X3
    I'm a King of Molotov addict!! Congratulation for your blog, it's awesome!! (and sorry if I made mistakes, I'm french and don't talk english perfectly ^^')

  5. Whether I do or dont want to play with them is one thing, but I dont really have the time to anyway so it doesnt matter.

    Thanks Keru. Ive got some relatives who live in france. Hope to visit the country some day.

  6. :( Too bad about your ruined morning, that sucks...but it sounds like you have some good work times ahead of you.
    That chocolate thing looks amazing.

  7. I wish Tampa was like that, though. I mean...have a footpath and a place for cyclists to go on rather than being forced to take the road since the alternative would mean riding through foliage. I can't bike at any reasonable speed and deciding to do it on the road is more or less suicide for me. You can't trust drivers to not run your ass over.

    And the thing over the phone...yeah. Makes you wish you can just stick your fist through the lines sometimes. Then they'd prolly be less retarded. :/


  8. Sorry that ignorant people have been frustrating you lately. Hopefully the bowling and paintball will make up for all the crap lately.

  9. I love that song. Now it's stuck in my head. I hate you.

  10. no more l4d vids
    this is a sad moment knowing there will no longer be fear of random friendly molotovs
    awsome vids i must admit loved watching them ^^