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Friday, August 5, 2011

So close to winning

One week done, 1 week LEFT till I leave my job for good!  My lord the pain that I go through with this dragging out of days.  Looks like majority of the people still dont know about my decision so thats good for me.  Not for them cause they're going to be super shocked and maybe upset with me for not saying anything when the day comes.  But seriously, I really dont care.  I need to relax for a couple months and just do NOTHING.  I need to play games, I need to watch movies, I need time for myself.  I'm half going insane.  If I'm lucky I'll find a job end of september or in october.  If not, I'll be jobless for a while.  I'll worry about that later.

The comic is pretty much done.  I know I promised it this week but we're working on the dialogue.  Its extremely slow since as you all know Jed and I rarely get a moment to even sit down and chat.  I'm hoping this weekend we can iron everything out and post it up.  I really like it and looking forward to the next few which I think should be heaps fun.

So I finally got my goodies back this week.  Commission of Deadpool and Huntress by Reilly Brown, who was the official Deadpool artist for marvel a while back.  He did a few other marvel comics and right now he's working on his own comic.  I loved his Deadpool the most so I was stoked when I found out he was doing commissions.  Heres the two, Huntress just standard pose as at the time I had no idea what I wanted, and Deadpool done the way I asked.  I was going for comedy style way to show that it wasnt only people who found him repulsive, but animals too.  My friend who picked it up for me while in San Diego for the Comicon, said when he pulled it out to hand it to him everyone who was around the table laughed, which the artist thought was awesome.

I'm pretty happy with the way they both turned out.  As you would know if you saw my previous commissions that I posted back in november I think, Huntress is my favourite DC female.  I wasnt too sure if he would be able to draw her well since I'm extremely picky, but I liked the way it came out and he had his own slightly comic style to it.  I'll be getting more in the future since he's agreed to do me more when he has time.  Legend!

The next one is from Livio Ramondelli, who is the current Transformers comic artist.  He's pretty awesome.  He drew one of Hotrod for me since he's my favourite character.

At the moment he's finished my second piece which is of Starscream fighting Megatron.  I havent seen it yet but I'm sure it'll rock.  He'll be scanning in a copy to show me come monday before mailing it off, so I'll slap it up here too.  He's also agreed to draw me more if I request it.  This is pretty cool because its very hard to get proffessional artists to agree to draw things for you as they're always so busy.  So yeah, I'm extremely happy.  

I bought a couple extra games during the steam sales, tossed some Jeds and Codys way.  Hopefully in a couple weeks we'll be able to play them together and that'll give us a chance to maybe get some videos up on youtube if we think they're worth sitting through.  Whatever the case it'll still be heaps fun.

Also thanks for actually wasting your time following this blog.  Jed and I really appreciate it.  We dont make money from this place either despite the ads, we do it for fun.  The comic for example we're doing it for as long as poeple find it entertaining.  I just wish we both had more time to actually work on it.  Fuck work.


  1. Can't wait to see the comic guys! Totally looking forward to it :)

  2. xD lol I like the picture with the bitch-slapping cat

  3. It's a pity I'm colour blind. All these picture just look black and white to me.

  4. Deadpool's my favorite in MVC3, awesome to see him get his ass kicked by a CAT! thanks con, you made my day :D

  5. Ubernox, the pictures are black and white. I didnt want them coloured in.

  6. At least you have work...I haven't worked in a week. Needless to say my dad is pissed.

    I remember my first commission, I'm picky as well as commissioned my own OC but the person got it to a T. I like the results you got :3

    Oh, random: I told you anything could happen. My name showed up on the Colbert Report for donating money to his Super PAC.

  7. I wish my cat could bitch slap people I'm annoyed at

  8. i think con trained the cat the bitch slap like the witch!

  9. If he did, I want him to train mine to do that

  10. It was time well wasted, Con. Time well wasted.