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Saturday, August 20, 2011


So I've been having way too much fun making the mspaint requests as you all know.  I'll be uploading a few every few days so you can laugh at the absolute shit I create.  I showed Jed today, he seemed to enjoy them quite a bit.  Oh, and speaking of Jed he says he should have the comic up in the next day or two.  He's pretty much touching it up now that he's got some free time.  And fingers crossed I might get a chance to play some games with him on monday night.  That'll be the first time in...ooh...3months.

So for now I wanted to share something with you that made me lol.  Watch the clip for a while for the awesome fat kid in the back busting moves like he was a god.  And when you finally get sick of watching the two in the front, which should be real quick, just skip forward to 1:25 and be treated to pure gold.

UPDATE: well they set the video private.  If I find it uploaded elsewhere by someone who ripped it before it went down I'll put it up again.


  1. Wtf, I thought he died. Then she kicked him and it's like..."you're a nice lady."

  2. Baww. It was 2 twins of age 12 or so, not particularly attractive and not overweight, glasses, long brown hair, one wearing a bra/panties thing with ugly boots and the other in regular clothes. With a really fat kid of indeterminate age in the background, in briefs, moving on the couch like a baby would try and scoot their butt on a floor, but with his arms in the air.

    Then they try and make him join and he face-floors, unmoving, for about a minute. Then he gets up and sits on the other side of the couch and starts dancing again.

    I have this feeling someone who saw the video on here decided to post something rude so they went private xP

  3. They had plenty of rude messages long before I put it up here. Looks like they made a few others private too. Curse them! They have ruined my blog post. They're getting some massive abuse in their comments page.

  4. Well, one should not kick their fat autistic brother whilst wearing weird attire.

    Try a Nigel Thornberry video, what he says fits your blog post title.

  5. The video's back up, apparently.

    I also feel sorry for the vagina that had to squeeze out that monstrosity, tbqh.