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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh so yummy

So a while back I uploaded a few pictures of art I got comissioned from some famous artists.  I finally have 2 more that the Transformers artist
Livio Ramondelli, drew for me.  I dont have the original pieces with me yet as he only just mailed them off this week.  But I did receive some scans of them.  First one is Megatron and Starscream fighting.

Second one is easily my most favourite.  For anyone whos seen the animated movie, which I'd like to point out is 4 billion times better then the current CG spazfest films, this is where Megatron returns as Galvatron, since he was smashed up pretty bad in the fight with Optimus, and kills Starscream who was making himself leader of the decepticons.  If you havent seen the film then heres the scene below...

And this is my alternate reality version.  Ignore the out of place metal part on the left side of Starscreams head.  That part was corrected.  Legendary artist, I love this piece so much, cant wait to get my hands on it.

If you want to see a little more of his work here is his deviant art page

This is also the latest cover he's done for the comic line.  In my opinion one of the best Transformers covers ever.

If you enjoy seeing random art from famous artists, my friend collects some and brought a few back from the recent San Deigo comic con.  He's slowly uploading them to his blog, which is at the link below.

Speaking of comics, Jed should be uploading the next page of our comic tomorrow.  He's just editing the speech bubbles.  And hopefully next week we'll have gotten the next portal video ready.  He's working shitloads.


  1. Confused at what? Its drawings.

  2. Yes I can see that they're drawings. The clip has confused me... I guess I need to watch the whole movie

  3. Yeah, that scenes about half hour or so into the film. Back story with that is starscream left megatron to die, who was then found by the end boss of the film and rebuilt to serve him. He went for some payback in the meantime.

  4. Wait, there's a Trasnformers CG movie?

    Also, Mr. Con, have you seen this?

  5. Yeah saw that one earlier. Its actually looking good. I wasnt expecting that since I dont actually like ANYTHING from gearbox. This might be the first. Certainly better by the looks of it then that piss poor effort Rebellion did recently.

  6. Oh now it makes some sense ^.^ being sick and blonde isn't a good mix

  7. Damn, I haven't seen that movie in ages!

    Oh and btw, I'm going to steal your mail for the next month. Those pictures are firkin sweet.