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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Blood Woods Apocalypse 6

Today decided to crawl out of bed around 6pm.  Must admit I enjoyed the ultra sleep time since I've been getting stuff all the past week.  Catching up ons ome tv stuff I have.  One such show called My Haunted House.  Its like 6 episodes with 2 stories each about someone recounting a ghost story they experienced and re-enacted.  Very similar to Paranormal Witness and My Ghost Story.  Some of the stories are good.  But some others are pretty trash.  Whether they're all true or not isnt something I can state.  But the good ones for me are the ones that seem more realistic.  The bad ones annoy me and generally have a cliche story or predictable unrealistic path.  It's good enough as it hasnt made me rage quite like some other shows.

Also heres the next clip..

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