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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fireworks night

Thats what today was.  Fireworks night.  Once a year everyone and their stupid dog buy a shitload of fireworks and just set them off non stop for about 5-6 hours once the sun goes down.  It's only meant to go for 1 day.  But lots of people forget this rule and still set some off over the next couple weeks.  It's beyond frustrating.  I used to get super pissed over it since the super loud explosions would terrorize my cat.  But he's not around any more.  So that was one less thing to stress over.  So now I'm just baaaah whatever.  Hope some of you blow your hands off by accident.  Stupid loud bastards.

You know they complain that he cost of living is expensive now days.  complain about this or that going up in price, how can I pay for this bill, I cant afford that holiday etcetc.  Oh wait fuck it I'm going to spend a couple grand on fireworks and blow them all in one night yeah!!!!!!!  I can understand if they have kids cause you have little option  Kids want their fireworks.  At the very least it should be set to specific zones that fireworks are allowed to be let off.  Like at the beach or whatever.  Basically anything that keeps their loud shit from popopoping around my house for stupid hours on end.  By the end of the night it doesnt matter where you go or where you drive to, the air is thick with fireworks smoke.  Bleah!

Also my camera has developed a fault.  Tomorrow I'm going in to the store and abusing their policy of getting it swapped for another brand new one on the spot.  My 3 year warranty lets me do this.  So I'm doing it.

Also heres a sundae I had the other day.  Guy beside me freaked out when he saw me carrying it to my table.


  1. DAT ICE CREAM. I need one. O_O

    1. I'd treat you to one if you were here, but as you arent I'm just going to eat yours instead!

  2. YOU MONSTER. Enjoy. T_T