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Saturday, July 26, 2014


Well we got around to trying to stream stuff as a test to see if its worth us playing games and streaming them.  Unfortunately both mine and Jeds internet is too shit to stream for whatever reason.  It ends up looking like a horrible slow slideshow.  So yeah, won't be happening.  Real shame as we thought we'd log into it whenever we played an online game without the other, like CS, BF, street fighter/KOF, any MMO,  just something we didnt feel like editing for youtube.  Oh well.  Supposedly mid next year my areas internet will be getting a boost of speed so maybe then.  We'll check again in a year or so.  Wonder if we'll be bothered uploading videos still lol


  1. Aw... That's ashamed... :(

    - Red Tiger

    1. Yeah we're both pretty bummed over it but what can you do.