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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fuck you harmony gold

So I've noticed these bastards have put up a kickstarter trying to get 500k from people to create a new 22min episode in the robotech series called Robotech Academy.  Supposedly based around the kids of the characters from the original series.   Firstly, 500k for 22min?  They could pay some cheap korean studio 10k or so like the japanese do and get that.  The rest is mostly profit for the shitty owners.   Secondly, FUCK YOU!  These retards are the reason why we havent had any new Macross stuff ported to the west.  We've had to import stuff.  Do you know how many games have been released in japan that we havent gotten?  An awesome 30th anniversary game for the ps3 with old characters, new characters, new story, new animation, CG, and cool battle gameplay.  Look at this...

I was forced to buy the japanese version and at one stage will go through it with a faq to try and understand it.  I've played a couple Macross games in the past that were just japanese.  One fairly good one on the dreamcast that I found at the time by total fluke, and also the psx ones.  I think I enjoyed those, but really cant remember.  But yeah, fucking furious!!

I wish everyone would just turn their backs on this company so they could die and just disappear.  Sadly theres a few who will still back them, and no amount of finger pointing can get them to understand.  At least this guy gets it.  Fucking absolute joke.  If this kickstarter gets funded I'll have to destroy something.


  1. If they fucked off and died it would make the mechwarrior community very happy. They've been shitting in our ice cream for years now. So many lawsuits. just let us use the designs...

    1. I think more people would be happy with them dying out then those who want them around. Sadly we're stuck with it till the owner dies of old age, or at least his private jet crashes into a sewage plant.

  2. Yeah fuck you Harmony gold