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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bunch of HP Lovecraft audio story links

I came across this page while I was grabbing a few to listen to.  I absolutely love the audio drama's where they use music and sound effects and everything.  I've found more audio drama's to have a creepier atmosphere than most movies.  Obviously I have no clue which ones are the good ones.  But if you pick a story you were always interested in, just click and see how it sounds.  If you like the voice then you're good as gold.  It's horribly embarressing for me as a Lovecraft fan to admit I still havent read all his stories.  Every now and then I'll try to grab one or I'll search the net for any good movies based off his stories.  I've found a few amazing ones thats for sure.  Heres the link for the audio books..

Brilliant page with quite a bit of work put into it.  Aside from that link I'm going to paste a few more up that are of sites I have come across or follow that update on Lovecraft stuff.

As for movies there are far too many for me to list with my shoddy memory.  A few that spring to mind though,  Re-Animator, From Beyond, The Call of Cthulhu (which is done as a 1920s silent film), Dagon, ..argh theres that memory I was talking about...  Well there are also others that arent Lovecraft but certainly inspired by him like Carpenters excellent In the Mouth of Madness.  Sam Neill was awesome in it.

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