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Monday, July 21, 2014

Video card wtf!!!!

So I finally pinned down where that damn noise in my computer was coming from.   Before I couldnt tell if it was the video card or power supply.  It's been doing it since last year.  But it would usually stop doing it after a little.  Now its constant and way louder which is why I could specifically pinpoint the video card.  Lord knows how long its going to last too.  And right now I really cant afford a new card and I dont want to waste money on a temporary SHIT one that I'll replace soon after.  Thats just throwing money away.

I was hoping  I could reach the end of the year.   My plan was to upgrade when either Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen was released.  SC has been delayed till mid next year or something but Elite is in beta right now so good chance it should be out before the end of the year.   But...aarrrgh.  ARGH!  Only choices I have use my netbook for the internet till I save up for a new card, which will take months since I'm busy paying off my credit card at the moment thanks to being out of work for a STUPID length of time.  Why the fuck arent I getting more responses to my job applications!  Fucking shit world!!

Other option but a decent card that will do the job well enough and just pretend my credit card isnt being raped.  The third option is buy a card I originally planned for later which will not only rape my card, but probably manifest into a live creature to rape me straight after.  Oh well.   One day at a time.  Lets see how long this stupid thing will last.  Not gonna lie.  I'm pretty paranoid about firing up a game and having it whirr super speed.  Might cause it to flip its shit and give out there and then.  Guess its adventure time from here on out.

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