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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Not going as planned

So today I took in my camera and unfortunately I had the warranty procedure completely wrong in my head.  What I originally thought was they would replace my camera on the spot any time it had an issue for the 3 years I'd paid for.  In actuality I was half right.  They would replace it once and that would cancel out my 3 year warranty, or I could have it sent off for repairs and keep the 3 year warranty.  So I went with send off.  One cool thing I didnt realize though was if I wanted I could use my warranty to also upgrade the camera.  I'd pick another one I wanted and pay the difference of what my camera was to it.  I wanted to do that but the camera I really wanted, which I couldnt afford at the time when I'd bought this camera, they dont stock at all.  So thats pretty bloody pointless.  

One other bit of bad news is my friend who was going to do the Meet Jed clip has been finally called in to do his 2 year compulsory military service.  So obviously he's not going to have the time to do this.  I'd going to experiment with trying to do little things myself and see if I can wrap my head around filmmaker and other stuff.  I dont expect to produce a thing and instead run off crying at how hard it is.  But I'm going to give it a shot.  A the very least I could probably make Bill stand there and fart.  That would be impressive.  OH WELL.

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