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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Borderlands 2 part 17

So I've gotten super slack with uploading these because as you should know by now I really didnt enjoy the game and as my first playthrough I didnt talk as much as I wanted or even say many funny things, mainly because I wasnt enjoying the game.  I've got 2 more of these already edited and the rest I'm planning heavily edit to remove lots of pointless fights and travelling so it gets to the end quicker.  If you want me to keep uploading these just say so cause I felt like stopping 9 parts ago.  I definitely wont be uploading every single game I play from now on, just a few specific ones.  If I think its worth uploading it'll go up.  Some other games I do not talk through like say Kings Bounty.  That stuff is never going up.  No strategy games I play.  I'm still on the fence about adventure games.

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