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Thursday, May 2, 2013

What a literally shit day

So today was awesome.  I had planned on waking up and playing some games as I've played almost nothing int he past week cause of blahblahblah.  So I get into my room, turn on the aircon and close the door, ready to enjoy myself.  10min later the kids mum babysits came and wanted to play a console game.  So I set everything up and got them going, which took about 20min, and then returned to my room.  JUST as I open the door I see him walk behind my sound systems receiver, which I have on the ground, and squat.  Right then I knew what he was about to do.

He took a giant shit.  Not just any shit.  Because hes been on medication for ages he took a huge runny liquid shit.  I did my best to block the flow of it with tissues which I thankfully had next to me till he finished.  He walked off and I spent the next hour cleaning that area.  Its completely my fault of course.  I left him in the room with the door closed expecting to be back in 5min.  But that didnt happen.  If I was even half a minute earlier I would of saved this from happening.

I cant tell you the amount of antiseptic towels and spray I used on that area.  I went through 2 rolls of paper to clean the area.  My room smelled like a hospital for about 4 hours.  Not just any hospital.  The cleanest mother fucking hospital you ever set foot in where even the bacteria on your fucking skin DIED on contact with the air in my room.  That spot is probably the most sanitized piece of floor in the entire world.

After that it was everything distracting me so once again zero gaming was had.  As its late evening here, this is the time I save for watching things.  Day is gaming, night is watching.  So at least I'll get some relaxation.  Need to get through the last season of Merlin.  Then I can catch up on all my other crap.  So now its me, a bowl of seedless red grapes, and Merlin.  Relaaaaaaaax time.

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