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Friday, May 10, 2013

Screw you madcatz

They have to be one of the most useless companies around.  I need to order new earpads for my headset because they're starting to flake.  I have to put tissues on them before I put them on so I dont get any black specs stuck to me.  I probably look super hot and cool with them sticking out.  So the only way I can get a new pair, since logitech are DOUCHES and dont supply replacements, is to order something else that fits.  Theres one called TRITTON® AXPro GA611 Velour Earpad Set, which are about the same shape and fit over them as replacements.  The downside?  Only fucking madcatz stock these.

Whats worse is the retards DONT ship overseas.  How the fuck is that possible in this day and age.  Especially since stores here stock their stupid products.  So I tried to order a pair of replacements and have them sent to Jeds place who would then send them to me.  But their dumb website is half broken and not allowing paypal to go through.  I'll try it later but we'll see.  Chances are I'll have to contact them over this because I refuse to give them my credit card number.

I called the local EB gamestore just then to see if they an get this sort of thing since they stock the madcatz stuff, but to my obvious NON surprise they dont and tried to get me to buy another $100+ headset as a replacement instead of a $10 earpad set.  No.  I also tried to call logitech to abuse the absolute fuck out of them over this, something I never do since I'm always calm and patient about stuff, and they arent open on weekends.  So this is my angry day.  No amount of cake would please me.  Not even boobs.   I'm that annoyed.

Now I'm thirsty.

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