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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Its a huge

Last few days have been awesome!  The temperature at night has been like 18 degrees, thats around 64 for you americans.  Loving it.  Usually its shittily hot here so chances are this wont last long.    The moons been HUUUUGE too.  Heaps of light coming off it.  Zero clouds.  A billion stars.  Absolutely love it.  Wish every day was like this.

I've been watching this show penny arcade have been doing on youtube called stripsearch.  They're looking for a comic artist to join them and its sort of like a semi reality tv/competition thing.  The best part about it is at the end 2 people have to challenge each other with an idea thats given to them and create a comic.  The one with the least funniest leaves.  And so on.

One of the artists in it is pretty awesome.  I only brought this up because she has her own site and she posts up some funny stuff.  One of them being Tough Cop.  I fucking love Tough Cop.  He needs his own series.

I love tough cop.  Heres the link to her site if you want to read more.

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