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Monday, May 6, 2013

The Jed is temporarily dead

Today was supposed to be one of the rare days Jed logs on from his parents place so we could hopefully squeeze in a L4D game.  But the other day the plans were cancelled.  Turns out he cant log on late enough in the evening to play because his parents decided they need to sleep early every night because their brains decided this.  So long story short, chances of us playing together has gone to zero.  Right now hes hoping he can POSSIBLY get limited internet at his house come september when he gets his tax return.  And thats 4 months away.  At least I have a couple games we did that I can upload.  But there were so many co-op games we had planned to play and upload.  Oh well.  Expensive internet is expensive.

Last night there was a meteor shower on.  Pretty happy I remembered and went out to see if I could spot any.  Wasnt out too long since I had to keep an eye on my cat at the time.  Was out maybe 10min or so.  I saw probably a dozen, though I feel a bit robbed since there should of been more.  Then again I was only looking up at half the sky.  Thankfully it was clear.

 There were some little tiny ones, and a few that seemed to streak for an incredibly long distance.  Was pretty amazing.  One I saw was probably the brightest I'd ever seen.  It had a decent tail but at the end it FLARED up so bright it was almost as if it exploded.  Was unreal.  Saw another really super cool one.  Looooooooong tail and very bright.  The tail almost looked like there were 2 trails.  Very awesome.

Right now I'm watching this fucking douche troll of a tiny moth fluttering around my room.  Now and then it brushes past me, and then it'll go towards the ceiling.  I'll stare at it cause the ceiling fan is on and I'm all like yup you're about to get shredded.    And this fucking moth flies down between the blades untouched.  I'm thinking wow you fluked that one.  And then he went and did it another 2 times.  Fucking douche moth.  Go show off elsewhere.

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