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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Potatoes and foreskins

Despite what you may think, the title has nothing to do with my post.  Mind you part of it probably does.  That being the foreskin.  Which makes me then bring up EA, the cockheads of gaming.  They've decided to go and piss me off by not releasing the updated IGNITION engine they created for FIFA 14 on PC, and instead keeping it with the older engine like they did with in the past.  FIFA 13 was the only one to get the good updated engine.  Before that it was the PS2 engine so I was forced to buy it on PS3 when the title started to get good around 9-10.. Now I'm expected to buy an Xbox One or PS4 to play the new engine? Fuck you.  I dont buy launch consoles.  I'll be getting a PS4 down the track but not touching the xbox as the previous 2 havent really offered me anything.  So I'll be skipping 14 this year.  Might be time to try out PES after all these years and see if its moved on from being shit and become good again.

Speaking of the XBox One, I find it funny how so many xbox gamers are ranting and raging over it, hating this or that.  Everything they showed was easily predictable.  About 90% of the things they announced at that conference was not surprising.  And these same people screaming angrily are still going to go out and buy it so I dont know what their problem is.  Crying wont make them change it.  You want them to change it, dont buy it.  But that wont happen.  So good on you for saying to them Yes, I love everything you've done, please keep it up.

My fucking knee has been annoying me the past couple days.  Its like I bruised the inside somehow or maybe tore a little cartilage somehow.  Who knows.  I must of done something during my daily stretching and kicking since I want to keep my flexibility and skill at a decent level.

On a side note I noticed today a new kickstarter campaign for Heavy Gear Assault.  Heavy Gear 1 and 2 were an awesome Mech game series and it was a real shame when they stopped making it for whatever stupid reason.  I wanted 3.  I guess this will be it after all this time.  Its funny but over half of the games I'm really looking forward to over the next year or so are from kickstarter.  I guess it says something about the current gaming industry when I'm just not interested in the bullshit they're serving me.  As in I'll pay full price for these where as other games I'd play I will happily wait for a discount sale.  All the big publishers seem to want are fps games so they can sell lots on the consoles.  Fuck off kindly.

Kickstarter link for Heavy Gear Assault

And for the monthly update on Jed, no he still doesnt have internet or is anywhere near close to getting it.  And yes, hes a huge douche for not making any updates.  Feel free to call him a douche int he comments section.  He's earned it!

Also down in Canberra they've decided to go ahead and create something magical.  A Sky Whale balloon.  That has breasts.  I'm fucking serious.  Fuck disney land, I want to ride that!

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