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Friday, May 31, 2013

Babylon 5 20th Anniversary

I'm a huge scifi nerd.  I love the space ships, the lasers, the CG, its all excellent.  I'm also a big fan of fantasy stuff too.  One of my favourite shows was a series called Babylon 5 that ran during the 90s.  I remember quite a few of my friends had to be pushed into watching it after they stopped on the second or third episode of the first season.  For most the first season was not that good.  I liked it but thats another thing altogether.  Season 2 onwards it became one of the best written scifi shows ever.  If that series had played in todays timeline it would of been cancelled first season and replaced with some bullshit reality tv spinoff series of the kardashians pets or some such bullshit.

This year is the 20th anniversary of it.  If you havent seen the show do so.    Sadly they havent made a bluray version of this series.  I know one day there might be but if they didnt have one done for this anniversary, I'm going to be pessimistic and say we'd be lucky to get anything for the 25th anniversary either.  But the dvds are there so thats something.

At the recent Phoenix comicon they released this short video listing all the actors from the series who had passed away since then.  Its pretty sad as there are so many of them.

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