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Monday, May 20, 2013

Showing breasts in New York City is allowed by LAW!

First off I'd like to say these are not my breasts.  Why are there a pair of breasts there you ask?  Its to do with a news article I saw about police allowing women in new york city to walk around topless.  Thats right, its legal now to have your boobs out in NY.    Heres the link to the article...

Boobs out!        <--- link

So after reading the comments on that page I would like to say I am 100% behind this.  Many feminists and women state that women should be allowed to walk around topless because men do the same, and anything otherwise is  "patriarchal bullshit" to quote one.   Its time to fight the good fight and place another notch on the belt of liberation for women.  I urge all women, take off your shirts, let your breasts come out to breathe.  Let them be free and stand up for your rights as people.  I would also urge you to take pictures of them and put them on the net, even make videos of them and send them to me so that we may all cry out together with joy!  Let me fight with you!  Show me your breasts!  To do otherwise would be to let men win, and we dont want men winning.  Its time for women to win.  Let me win with you.

If you're under 18 I beg you NOT to send me pictures or videos of your breasts as I will lose when the police come for me.   Thank you.


  1. Don't listen to him, he just wants the boobs to put into his boob farm!!! HIDE ZEM ALL!!!

  2. Reading the comments section of the article was hysterical. All that talk of topless female teachers, allowing men to expose their big willy and inviting more rape screams ignorance. I somehow knew people will be ticked off by this even though it is not required for women to do it, merely a choice.

    Of course, not everyone takes this seriously, right Con? :D

    1. I take it very seriously! I want every girl to send pictures of themselves with their boobs out to prove they do too! Also people forget one scary thing....peoples mothers will have their breasts out. I dont think any of us want this..