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Monday, May 13, 2013

A good day

Today was fairly good.  Started off with me receiving a package in the mail.  Which turned out to be Jeds clips from our L4D and portal games.  So now I can finally edit all that crap and upload them and clear some space on my pc.  Not gonna lie, part of me is terrified to check it just yet in case its one of his many sex tapes.  I told him to stop sending me those.  Enough is enough.  I dont care what new position he's learned with random inanimate objects in his house and garden.

Finally went and saw star trek 2 with a few friends.  Unfortunately it was in the piss cinema as all the other 6 cinemas had other stuff playing.  Thankfully the smell was gone.  The girl who gave me my tickets also gave me a free drink.  She's seen me a few times.  Clearly she loves me.  And I love her for the extra service.  Movie was brilliant too.  I enjoyed it more than the first one which was also good.  It had heaps of references to the older movies, specifically the second one with the original crew.  Loved it, dying to see what extras they put on the bluray.  I've been reading on message boards how quite a few 'trekkies' are upset with the new movie and say its not star trek like.  These are the same people who said the first movie wasnt anything like star trek yet now they admit it was a good movie yet claim they prefer it to the second.  The second movie is WAY more star trek than the first movie was.  Also these people need to shut up as they were completely at fault for Enterprise being cancelled 3 seasons in because it upset them yet had no problem watching 7 seasons of that SHIT Voyager series.  And surprise surprise, despite saying Enterprise was shit and the writers killed star Trek for tv, today many of them have rewatched it again and claim they think its a great series.  Fuck off.  Good thing the movies attract more than trekkies, unlike the tv series, otherwise these would be cancelled too because they dont know wtf they want.

The day was meant to end in a glorious dinner from my favourite chinese restaurant.  Sadly as I found the menu I saw that they are closed on mondays.  GRAARR!  Also to some amusement, the next Doctor Who episode where they reveal his name has been sent out to people who preordered it because the clowns screwed up, so people know it in advance.  As I've had little love for the remake, despite loving a few episodes and Matt Smith being perfect, I have zero interest in this stupid name storyline they pulled out of their arses.  So I was trying to find the name online just to get it over with.  See if he really is called something stupid, which I'm expecting.  Like symbols.  Which are pronounced 'Douche'.  And would you believe it, I cant find anything yet.  Its like when you want something to NOT be spoiled for you, some clown goes out of their way to inform you it.  But if you want to know?  Forget it.  NOWHERE!  Also if you know it please dont write it in the comments since I know some others will probably rage.  But feel free to send me a message on youtube with a link!

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