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Monday, May 13, 2013

Fuck off Google+

So my little experiment with the new google+ layout is over.  I dont like it.  Its ugly.  And worst of all it doesnt update me when someone makes a post.  It did for the first few days and then nothing.  Its not in my spam or deleted/blocked area, not in my hotmail, my google mail, my yahoo mail, or my excellently useful RSS feed that goes directly to Outlook on my pc which is what I used to track any comments.  Cant find a way to make it work so OFF it goes!  Back to normal.  If you made a post during the ugly white layout then it wont show now that I've defaulted back to this.  If I didnt reply to anyones question somewhere I'm sorry, google is a douche.  The only thing that it did good was cut all spam posts that usually went up every day.  Oh well.  I'd rather get comment updates and manually delete all the sucky sucky penis posts than not get comments.

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