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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well my sleeping patterns are royally screwed now.  Going to sleep around 11am, waking up at 7pm, and doing nothing.  Gotta fix this.  Missing the day isnt helping when I have stuff I need to do.   At least my cat seems to be doing a lot better.  His injury hasnt started healing yet but he's no longer scratching at it, at least not that I can tell.

Aside from that there really isnt much else.  Playing away on GT5 and a couple games on my iphone. That thing really has a huge number of awesome games.  Some sexy rpgs too.

I guess the biggest thing at the moment is remembering that people get people gifts on christmas.  I end up buying stuff for people all through the year and totally forget about gifts at christmas since I get so many.  I remembered I hadnt gotten my cousins kid a present for a while now.  He's like 10 or something. Amazing kid, smart as fuck and cheeky too.  Like I rang my cousin today to ask if they'd gotten him a Kinect yet for the xbox, or if anyone else has gotten one.  Pretty sure noone has because everyones a cheap bastard.  And I love getting presents that are considered super awesome by the person.  The kid will freak out if he opens it up and finds a kinect pack with 2 games.  His parents will have heaps of fun too since I enjoyed messing with it over my friends place and my cousin is on the same wavelength as me.  Hopefully he'll get back to me and say he doesnt own one yet, otherwise I dont know wtf I'll get him.

Anyway, so the kid picks up the phone and I'm like hello its Con.  And he goes....this isnt your number.  It wasnt, I hadnt given them my new number yet.  But this little guy spotted it straight away.  Normally response would be like HIIIIII.

Anyway, heres a picture.  My cousin took a picture of me while  I wasnt paying attention.  Silly bimbo.  But I like to think the photos you dont expect are generally the better ones.  They capture so much more instead of a fake smile.  You're just being you in them.  I dont even remember wtf I was looking at.  I was tired though lol


  1. i know what you r looking at BOOBIES

  2. You wish you were looking at my cousins boobs

  3. Why are you sleeping at such odd times?

    I'm not getting anyone gifts for the holidays. Call me a cheap bastard if you want. If I want to get someone something though then I'll get it for them whenever I want, not just because it's a certain time of the "year".

    And finally, someone else that thinks natural pictures are better than having to pose and smile for them. It's just more realistic that way.

  4. You guys are ridiculous. xD

    When it comes to my friends, if they get me something, I'll get them something.
    My family, I try, but I don't know what they want. So it makes it kinda hard.

    That's a nice picture too. And I also agree that natural pictures are so much better. :D

  5. *inhales*

    That's my cousin's son :'0


    That image come to my mind when I see the picture.

  6. Jed did not start it, it was the guy who first commented... i think...

  7. I think you should make a poll. Just a random poll.

  8. I'm going to blame Jed anyway.

    I wouldnt even know how to make a poll or what to make it about. I'm unsure what the point of one would be.

  9. Poor Jed. I feel for ya mate. Con's just a big meanie.