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Friday, December 17, 2010

Smart or not smart

You know what annoys me?  People who complain about their jobs, even though their jobs are very simple with huge doses of slacking off, and somehow think their lives suck so much because of it.  How about you quit it then?  Dont go to the comfy job you hate so much.  Oh whats that?  You need to support your weekly weekends of drinking out with friends at clubs?  THEN STFU!  Some of us dont actually get to work.  Noobs.

So FINALLY took my cat into the vet today for his second checkup.  He's doing pretty good, although his main injury is healing slowly as expected.  Thats about $320 in 2 weeks I've spent, and I have no job lol.  Good thing I saved up a bit since I saw my jobless state coming a month early.  I also spent a liiiiiiiiittle more then I should have on a vacuum for my mum.  $800 to be precise.  I had my thoughts pretty much on this specific Dyson which was around $700.  I didnt want to spend too much but you pretty much get what you pay for.  Buy cheap, dont expect to get the cat hair out of the carpet.  Its just simple logic.  I learned this lesson long ago when I mocked my friend for spending $500 on a set of headphones.  I mean seriously wtf?  I mean yeah it sounded pretty awesome but so do most headphones.  And then I went through a period of 6months where I wasnt happy with my current headphones, and bought about 3 other pairs trying to find a good one.  Then I realised after listening to a really good one, I couldnt just go out and buy $50-$80 crap.  The sound quality was like night and day.  So yeah, $400 headset and I was in sound orgasm mode.  I heard shit I NEVER heard with my other sets.  And it lasted me a good 6 years.  Technically still works, but replaced it anyway because the little cable attaching to the headphones gives off a little static when it comes.  ie every fucking time.  My fault for yanking it one too many times.

So anyway, after going to a few stores I went to one that focuses solely on vacuums and nothing else.  The guy had heaps of useful information and showed me some pretty awesome things.  He basically tossed some dirt onto the carpet and RUBBED it in really well with his shoes.  Then he grabbed then Miele one that cost about $1500 and sucked it all up.  He emptied the little container out and was like see?  It grabbed all that dirt I put down didnt it!  And I'm like YEAH DUDE.  And then he said NOW WATCH THIS!! and he picked up the Hoover Core Plus and started sucking at the carpet again.  This thing though has some sort of vibration thing in the carpet head, so while you're vacuuming you can set it to vibrate like mad.  This dislodges dirt and crap, and its their own patent technology so no other cleaner has it.  Anyway, he opened the little canister where all the crap goes in and I was shocked to see it had sucked up a cup full of dirt SOMEHOW.  And the dirt was really fine, like it had been crushed so often and hidden deep in it.  I asked him how it did with pet hair, and he tossed some wool and hair onto the carpet and BAM!  2 swipes over it and it was all gone.

So pretty much I bought it.  He gave me a little bit of a discount, so $800 all up with a 5 year warranty.  So I guess $50 off.  Its not that heavy, its easy to move around, and its not really really  REALLY loud like our previous vacuum. Heres a pic

Its not as big as it looks.  Its kinda smallish.  That cylander can be detatched and emptied. But yeah, I was completely impressed.  So merry christmas mum.   Even when I'm not working I'm still buying expensive gifts.  Someone shoot me.


  1. "Someone shoot me." Be careful what you wish for might get it.

  2. Con makes vacuum cleaners sound epic, even when he's just typing these things instead of narrating in his deep, Australian sex-bomb-voice...

  3. I use a giant ShopVac. It may be big and bulky, but it's made to clean everything. It even says on the warning label "Please do not use near small pets and animals as they may be sucked into the vacuum."

  4. aw thats a sweet gift for your ma, she'll appreciate it!

  5. Sam and I think that is the most randomness shit. We keep reading over it and each time just crack up laughing... and yes we are on a high.

  6. We got the same gift for our moms O_O() that's pretty funny AND weird lol

  7. Cheap stuff can be useful, but quality stuff that costs more is worth the bigger expense. Hopefully the vaccumn works well for you.