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Sunday, December 19, 2010

I bring the spasticness

The other day was interesting.  Went to bed around 5am'ish, which is fairly standard.  Actually thats slightly early.  Normally I'd be out of bed around 1 since I'd just lie there lazily after waking up at 11.  But I woke up and looked at the clock and it said 7pm.  Confused me a little.  Maybe sleep caught up with me finally. 

Mums been enjoying the vacuum.  I vacuumed the carpet in her room and came away with quite a bit of crap.  She was all surprised because she'd just vacuumed it the day before with the other one we had.  Only then did she realise how godly it actually was.  I've also misplaced the receipt for it.  And this after the guy at the store said I looked intelligent enough to make a backup of it unlike others who lose things.  HEEHEE!  I'm thinking it might of fallen out of my pocket while I was getting it into the car.  Not sure.   Will probably clean up my desk today and see if its under one of my papers or such.

Managed to finally watch The Other Guys.  Not too bad a film.  I've also FINALLY started Carnivale.  I've been meaning to watch the series for years.  Its very different.  Very fantastical.  You cant think of it as normal reality because thats not how the show works.  I'm enjoying it after 4 episodes.  First ep I wasnt sure what to think about it.

Oh, also noticed a very awesome video for Rockstars new game, LA Niore.  It shows the technical side to how they made the facial animations and everything so lifelike.  Very awesome.  And its from an Australian studio too. 


  1. Carnivale was something I always meant to watch but never got round to. I've heard good things, I may have to finally catch up with the rest of the world!

  2. That would be pretty ironic if you vaccumned up the receipt.

    That game looks really good. I like detective stuff like that, and being able to read people and their emotions is something I've always enjoyed. Sounds like that game is right up my alley. Next to GT5, haha. I got a free Bugatti Veyron for getting golds in the last championship of the Professional Series. I'm pretty sure that was the set of races that gave me that car.

  3. The receipt will most likely be in the last place you'll look.