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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Screw it

I've realised after waking up at 8pm this time that I'm actually trying too hard to control my sleeping patterns. In actual fact I could snap myself out of it and within 2 days be waking up at 10am average. Most of the times I sleep in is mainly because I'm dreaming and I want to see how it pans out. I enjoy my dreams, especially when they're nightmares. So much damn fun. So I let them carry on till they dont go any more, or if someone wakes me up. I seriously fucking LOVE nightmares. And with my imagination I have some seriously messed up ones.

Right now its almost 6am. I dont expect to be sleeping till around 9am. But I need to be up before the post office closes because they left me a card saying I have a parcel to pick up. It was just typical that my parents decided to be away during the time the postman came by. I'm going to take a guess and say its those photos I had sent off to be printed. If they end up looking like I hope they do then I'm going to go all hardcore and improve some old photos my mum wanted me to fix of her and her family when she was younger. Like photos from 40-50 years ago. Should be entertaining.

My cats injury is healing real well. I expect in about a week it'll almost be gone. I still need to take him in this thursday for a follow up to make sure he continues healing. Theres some more money gone I dont really have. I think I'll get pizza today.

Ok lets see what pictures I can stick up... hmm... Ok heres a good one. It was an advert I saw on a page that just made me stop and blink. See if you can understand why.


  1. I think I can see what's wrong with the picture....
    And nightmares don't count as nightmares if you enjoy them -.-

  2. In theory, sex on the beach is romantic.

    In reality, sand hurts when it gets in places, male or female places.

  3. Surprise buttsex, thats what's happening.

  4. your mind makes me laugh rlly does

  5. Never knew anyone that enjoyed nightmares. But, someone has to. Thanks for taking one for the team.

    I bet your mother will be happy to have touched up photos of her family.

    And for the picture, I see the problem. The caption says, "Looking for love? Find your partner on derp" when these two have clearly already found their "partner" and they've "made" love.