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Monday, December 6, 2010

Useless world

Well good and bad crap.  Good crap is it looks like my cat should be ok.  One of the cuts infront of his ear did get infected and swelled up a little, but luckily some of th epuss trickled out a couple times and relieved it, allowing me to wipe it away and put some more dissinfectant there.  So that part looks great.  He still has a sore front and back leg.  He walks around ok but you can see its hurting him.  Hopefully he'll be better tomorrow.  We've locked him inside during the evens so he doesnt get into any fights while healing.  He's not happy about it but he's not strong enough to destroy parts of the house to make you let him out.

Bad news for me at least was I finally got chosen to attend jury duty.  They called my name out in court and I cried a little inside.  So I'm doing this for the next week.  Just wish they had a damn couch in the jury room so I could sprawl out on while playing some rpgs on my iphone.  Oh well.

I finally finished that photo edit I was working on the past few days of a friends picture I mentioned a while back.  Its been in his wallet for the last 18+ years and it got seriously raped.  So heres my attempt at fixing it. I'm no pro at photoshop, I'm kinda suckish, but I tried pretty hard with it. I'm not 100% happy with the end product but considering what I had to work with I think I did ok.  Will be sending it via phone to friend tomorrow so he can have a look at it.  If he's happy I'll have it printed out. 


  1. Are you kidding? "suckish at photoshop." In my oppinion that looks great! 100 times better than it used to. I'm no expert a photoshop, but I have seen a lot of pictures, and I deem this one a great one.

  2. Glad Kyo's feeling better. And you get to feel the goodness of your cats' recovery while attending glorious jury duty, how nice!!! Haha.

    The picture looks pretty good. I can see some parts that look a little off though. For the completely rebuilt area at the top left did you just crop and paste the flowers from the right side?

  3. Yeah theres not much else you can do. But I tried to crop it without it looking too dodgy. The original picture is small. Maybe size of 2 credit cards side by side.

  4. I'm glad your cat is going to be okay. :) Yay for good news!
    And I think you did a really good job on that picture. So...good job! :P

  5. That's a damn good job at the Photoshop there. Well, we're impressed anyway.
    Good to hear your cats alright. And don't cry too hard. You might wet yourself.

  6. Glad to hear about your cat--it's never fun when a pet gets hurt :S

    Also, that's a great job on the photoshopping you did! I do that kinda thing frequently, and to say you're not good and then do THAT--it kinda cancels it out ;) Either way, as mentioned, there's a few obvious areas--but it's hardly noticeable unless you're looking for errors or if you use the program regularly. I'm sure your friend will love it! :D