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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Today started off brilliantly.  Woke up to the sounds of BANGBANG at the door.  I didnt bother getting up because the sun was still down.  Whoever the fuck that is can come back later.  And then the phone rang.  It was my sister demanding to be let in.  She'd come up from melbourne to visit for the new year etc.  I was furious mind since it was like 5am and I'd only been asleep 3hours.  One thing about me that everyone knows is that I totally and utterly detest my sister.  I do not speak to her unless I'm forced to.  I haven't spoken to her husband or his family in nearly 2 years and do not plan to change that.  If I could add my sister to that I'd be on cloud nine.  But no.  This will never happen while I still live at home since my parents are too frustratingly annoying to tell her to stay at a hotel when she visits.  They're also unhappy int he knowledge that when they both pass away that I will completely break contact with her and theres nothing they can do or say about it.  At least that much I have control of.

I don't get the whole shock people show me when they hear me talk about her like that.  If you know someone who you cannot stand, do you keep talking to them?  No.  Why exactly should family be any different?  Because its blood?  I'm expected to be miserable because of that bullshit rule?  People told me when I was younger that when I get older I'll see things differently and mature etc blahblah.  I'm now 35.  When exactly do I get to be allowed by everyone to do as I please?  Fuck that.  Few things upset me.  FEW.  She's one of them.  I cannot be in the same room with her for long before an argument starts up.  Whenever I visited Melbourne I would stay at her house with her husband.  This year I changed that.  I preferred to go to a hotel for a week then stay with them and save money.  I didn't even announce my intention of visiting there.  Apparently her husband is pretty upset I refuse to speak to him anymore.  Well too bad.  I have a rule.  You piss me off a fair amount of times, and I mean seriously fucking piss me off, and that's it.  Go find someone else to chat with. 

Theres no point in going into detail why I cant stand him anymore.  Lets just say they were talking about divorcing for a while (they're fine now supposedly but whatever), and I was basically their middle man with endless phone calls at 5-6am from one of them screaming to me to tell the other to see sense blahblahblah.  Well after 4months of this bullshit and me twitching every time the phone rang, it seriously started to affect me mentally, the very next phone call I got from them while they were having a massive argument at their house I hung up on them and called the police and had them go over stating spouse abuse.  I dont care that it was a lie, I just wanted them to understand they can royally fuck off forever.  I got the message across too.  After that blocked them both from msn, steam, email, what have you.  Got a new phone, refused to tell them my new number and told my parents on penalty of me moving out and leaving them to live alone for the rest of their life if they even hinted my new number to them.  I couldn't stand my sister since I was a kid, but she brings nothing but drama.  Just for reference, I LOVE helping people out as an unofficial counsellor and have always been told my advice is excellent since I'm great at listening, and I even got one guy who outright detested me to become a close friend.  With those two things in mind now realise how much I have to truly hate someone to not want to speak to them again, and those being related to me.

Ok that was a little bit much.  I felt like ranting.  I'd put up a poll asking how many of you hated someone in your family, but I don't know how to make polls and I'm also a bit lazy at bothering to figure it out.  So for now I'll just end things with something funny.  When I saw this screenshot I almost outright choked.  totally lol worthy.


  1. So .. How did she call you from outside when she doesn't have your number .. ? :3

  2. Things between my sister and me were really bad at one point. I just did not want her in my life anymore. That was a year or two ago.

    Anyway, our relationship has improved a bit now (probably due to the fact that we don't live together anymore).

    Things between me and my dad aren't all that either. Haven't spoken to him in almost a year. There was a real bad point when I was living with him when all my things were stolen (HDTV, Xbox, various other electronics, etc.) due to the fact that he left the apartment one morning without locking the door behind him.

    Oh well.

  3. Your sister came unannounced? Thats a bit rude if she did... unless it was meant to be a surprise... And; Happy New Year Con!

  4. Wait isn't Melbourne on the complete fucking other side of Australia, of you! Kinda of a big journey for an unannounced visit.

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    1. Im ALANDRETONGI you probably know me Jonna since I ask you a ton of questions I wished I was the only one my brother is addicted to porn and he wont stop talking about it and pisses me off when I play L4D My sister keeps ruining everything she is technically why I was allergic to chocolate seriously they wont stop and I take the blame everytime my parents think its me all the time its them them them them! for real I ignore them when they do this its been 7 years theeey have been doing this I have had enough one time they really pissed me off when my brother started a rebellion on my sister and blamed me when I didnt do anything I ignored them for a week and nothing changed so I ignored them again and started saying stupid shit(sorry if I say badwords I just cant take it)About my life thinking that my life is bullshit.Well when Im a little older Im gonna do the same thing Con did.Thx if you read this

  6. Hmm, my relationship with my sister was the total opposite. We can't live without one another. My younger brother was the one whom I truly despise. Being a victim of favoritism isn't really a wonderful experience. I doubt our relationship will improve in the years to come.

    And I agree about the "blood rule". It's bullshit.

  7. I hated my brother cause he's such a kleptomaniac.

  8. I'm with Jonna on this one. I love being an only child as well.

    And if you want more pictures like that, the website it's from is called Lamebook.
    I love it. It makes me laugh SO hard. :D

  9. Con, are you sure you and your sister were never really friends?

  10. I'm the same way--but with my mother. Can't stand her. She's be a psychopath ever since my parents divorced and I was always in the middle of both of them. Everyone says, "love them because they're your parents" and that "I dont have to agree with what they say" as long as I do. I say screw that :/ My mother sounds a lot like your sister.

  11. I can't stand my father, or most people on his side of the family. Haven't really seen any of them in 10 years. If I go to visit his parents I'm going to be royally pissed if someone tells him to go there to try to see me while I'm there.

    At least I have the only child thing going for me. But, I do sometimes wish I had a sister.

  12. My sister is three years older than me and we both suffered horrible abuse at the hands of our father. However while I seek therapy and medication, she refuses to tell anyone. She also has decided to pretty much BECOME him. I HATE her because has become him. She sickens me every time I see her. I understand Vlahka. Blood has fucking NOTHING to do with this. My sister is a horrible person. I refuse to speak with her or see her. So I support you one hundred percent.

  13. I h.a.t.e. my brother. He is 3 years older than me and he is such an ass. He's trying to fuck up my life just because his didnt work out how he wanted it to. I'm soooooo looking forward to moving to my own place in a few years. Never gonna see him again, hopefully.
    I also often have trouble with mum and dad. They're divorced and you could kinda say I'm the reason for that. I'm living with my mum and my brother and she is always saying bad things bout my dad, and he is always saying bad things bout her. Sucks ass because I don't want to hear that shit. But they won't cut it out -_-

    I totally prefer my friends over my family. Fuck blood. I don't care anymore.