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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Not much

Pretty much not much.  My day was basically Gran Turismo 5, bunch of episodes of Glee and Dexter since I was behind in those, and stressing over my moron cat.  He went and did what I hoped he wouldnt, which was scratch at the side of his neck.  He's had a couple surgerys there in the past so his skin is not too loose.  Which means further surgery there at some stage would be a real bad idea.  So now he's gone and scratched away that area raw.  I dunno if the infection above it made him subconciously just tear away at it or if he was trying to claw away matted fur, but either way he's gone and done it.  I'm hoping he'll not fuck with it too much and it'll heal.  I'll know in a couple days or so.  If he's still fucking with it I'll take him to the vet on monday.  Just dont want to move him around since his legs are still sore and picking him up to put him in his carry case could earn me some new scars.

I'm pondering buying myself a new chair.  My current one has sort of pissed me off over the years but I never found one I was happy with.  I did  try out one last weekend that I liked but I didnt focus too much on it at the time nor check the price.  I'm thinking this weekend I'll go take a better look at it and if the price isnt some spaz amount I'll grab it.

So finally sent off about 100 photos to get printed.  I was pretty amazed to see it'll only cost me like $11.  I remember back during the days of FILM when you'd take them in to get developed.  Memory being dodgy like it is, I THINK each print cost something like $1-$2 or so.  A simple roll of 24 would end up costing $20-30 or something.  I'm curious to see how they'll turn out.  I know plenty of people who hate having their photo taken and go through their lives capturing maybe 1 photo of themselves every 5-10 years.  Now days I guess its different what with things like facebook and phones having cameras.  People just go stupid taking any old photo.  Which is good.    Make sure you never lose them.

Another very annoying thing, today I've felt like theres something missing.  Somethings empty.  And I cant put my damn finger on it.  Needless to say I never experience this sort of crap since I'm perfectly happy.  So wtf?  Its really annoying me.

Heres a picture of me and my grandfather when I visited him in greece.  He's got a sense of humour lolol


  1. Honestly I was having a rather (well to put it nicely) SHIT day and that picture has just made me smile so much because that's what my grandfather was like before he died.
    And also I understand what you mean with picture development. It was so easy with just a roll of film to give in

  2. Maybe you should just take Kyo to the vet now. Since he's still having problems it'd probably be better the sooner he's looked at.

    I've been wanting to play gran turismo 5 again. Have to go to my friends house to play it though. I'm considering getting a PS3 so I can play it.

    What is missing is that you haven't had cake today.

  3. I really hope your cat gets better!

  4. lol it's weird I've had the same experiecne where I'm perfectly happy but I still feel like something's missing. up until about 5 months ago I didn't know what it was till I started dating this one girl. maybe you need somebody to date? that's how it worked for me

  5. I didn't knew that you had grandfather in greece. I'm from Greece. in which city does he leave?

  6. My grandparents live in Kalymnos.

  7. Love that photo. My grandpa just hated having his photo taken so I'm imagining what would happen if I'd tried to sneak a photo out of him. Would have resulted in him with a surly face and me with an idiotic grin. XD

  8. I hope your cat will be fine very soon. And, you watch Glee too?! I am not the only gamer that watches it~! Yay!

  9. Kalymnos !!! Nice. I live in Thessaloniki. The city I live has not even the half beauty of the island your grandparents live. (sorry for my English--->not so good)

  10. I love Dexter! One of my favorite shows.
    I liked the first 2 seasons over the more recent ones, though. Less murder and blood. :(
    I need a new computer chair. My cat likes to attack it and she's ripped off most of the leather. haha

  11. Awesome picture. lol. It looks like your grandfather is thinking, 'Crap, he's back.'