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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A hundred curse words wouldnt do my annoyance justice

Theres nothing more frustrating than everything just going due south of you.  Having trouble getting sleep over the past month is one thing.  But last night I actually felt sleepy around midnight, and even managed to go to bed a little after 4, which is generally early when it comes to my sleeping habits.  So imagine my surprise when I hear some music blaring away at 7am.  I open my eyes and I'm like wtf is THAT, and why is it sounding so close.  Also why is it NOT stopping.  I then realised it was my spare phone.  I hadnt bothered using it anymore since I got my iphone a few months ago, but my mother wanted to use it to call my dad to pick her up while she was at the store, so I charged it up and set it up for her since my mum + technology = major fail.   Last night I turned it off, but didnt wait long enough for it to do its shutting down process before I closed the flip lid.  Apparently this CANCELS whatever the fuck its in the middle of doing.  What I also didnt notice was a previous alarm setting programmed in to wake me up.  So today it got its revenge on me for cheating on it with a newer model phone.  And it got it good.

Most people get pissed off and either slam whatever woke them up or throw it across the room.  I had to get up, figure out where the hell I had the damn thing on my desk, and then turn it off.  But instead of raging over it I just stared at it.  Then I realised I had a headache.  Then I realised some more that I was very hungry.  Then I got angry.  I was wide awake after a couple or so hours sleep.  Thank you brain for not letting me sleep after being woken up.  While trying to somehow get back to sleep it just wouldnt shut up.  Kept recalling things that annoyed me, like how I lost my job a while back, how I had to reschedule my cats vet appointment yesterday since the vet I see left early for the day for some reason or other.  And a bunch of other things.  I'm usually a positive happy person, but now and then my brain just pauses to rage at something for a few minutes.  And then it thinks about the amount of shit I do for people, help them out, buy them etc, yet wheres all the goodness coming back?  Its probably coming back, just not towards my central area.  Makes you think sometimes why you shouldnt just focus on yourself and noone else.  Lord knows  I'd have a shitload more money if I did that.  But then I realise no, its just not in me to not do nice things for others.  So despite getting raped on a frequent basis, I still find some enjoyment in doing something for someone else.  REAL FUCKING PRODUCTIVE THAT!

So its 9 am.  I'm wide awake after a ponsy amount of sleep, and my brains considering what I'll be doing today.  Vet appointment at 3:30 is really the only big thing.  Make a couple phone calls to places for my parents to tie up some things.  The rest of the day? I really feel like just wasting it and sitting here playing games all day.  I probably should go to the store and check out that chair I was interested in.  But then I think its probably worth $800 or some STUPID amount so I cant consider it at the moment, what with not having a job.  But while there I could check for a couple vacuums I'm interested in for my mum.  So this means getting up and leaving my comfortable room.  On the way back I'd probably head to the PC store which is owned by a previous boss of mine.  He always enjoys it when I visit.  I hardly do it since I'm fairly slack.  Worse part is he's only down the road.  I should go visit him.  But I need to tidy up my bookshelf too so I can move a few things around.  I like being orderly and neat.  If you spend like 5min a week just tidying up a little, you'll spare yourself a few hours of cleaning and sorting months down the track.  Plus your room doesnt end up looking shit and forcing you into actually doing some cleanup work.  And I still need to edit my holiday videos from back in october to upload some of it onto youtube.  Useless is what I am.

Best way to cheer myself up is to buy something.  Clothes shopping is also a massive joy.  IF theres ever anything to buy.  Damn stores are like 10 female clothing shops, 2 guy shops, and the girls shop at the guys shops anyway so thats like 12- 2.  Ripped off.  Which means internet shopping instead.  At least I have a few places I know and like.

Anyway heres an oooold picture from 7 years back of me and my friend sitting in an airport terminal at 4am waiting for a connecting flight.  This is the first time I'd been on a plane again and traveled out of my city since...hmm..prolly 1984.  So 19 years.  Suffice to say I was a little twitchy about it lol.  Digital cameras were also a bit shit back then.


  1. Sorry you're having such a crappy week. Hopefully things will get better soon.

    Hang in there!

  2. Ugh I hear that. Let's sod it all and everyone go get drunk.

  3. lolz i can totally picture con just staring at a phone. and im also sorry ur having such a crappy week. i hate when that whole "im tired but my brain wont let me go to bed" thing happens. just hang in there my Australian friend

  4. It's always good to do something that cheers you up. I watch Mr. Bean to cheer me up.

  5. Happy times are part of our lives... Crappy times too, i wish you luck for getting out of this situation.
    Also, you look the same from 7 years ago ^^

  6. Yeah I dont change much lol. And Mr Bean owns.