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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We cant stop here. This is bat country

So today I found out my damn pc decided to screw with me.  I loaded up L4D to see if it still worked and found out my microphone wasnt working.  ODD I thought since it worked the last time I loaded it up, which was months ago.  Tried to fix it, even installed new drivers, nothing.  Its like the pc is just ignoring me.  Not sure what to do but for now I'm totally ignoring it since it gave me a headache.

My cats healing slowly.  A little too slowly.  Today his wound infront of his ear was really dry and all closed up and no sign of swelling at all.  I figured the worst was over.  Then he goes and scratches it open, just a little bit.  Theres still some puss seeping out so its not totally healed yet.  I'm wiping away at it whenever I see any seeping out.   Starting to really bother me now that its not healed after almost a week..  He's walking a little better now but his back legs are still a bit sore.  You can tell everytime he tries to stand up.  He's very slow.  Whatever that fight he had last week it must of been a massive one.  Never seen him so bruised.  Hopefully he gets better quiclky soon.

I was going through my pc and trying to find a bunch of photos I'd taken over the years that I wanted printed out.  Over 100 so far and I'm being choosy.  Cheapest way is to upload them through th enet to a store and have them print them out.  But we're talking 300megs upload.  I'm sure their servers can handle it considering the amount of people that send pictures in.  Sadly I'll have to wait about 2+ weeks for them to print them, mail them, and reach my house.  Pretty frustrating.   Heres one of the pics.  Me with Gamera while in japan.  The sign on the front says PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THIS GAMERA.


  1. What is that a fucked form of Godzilla or something?

  2. I had problem with my mic recently, but my sound had also gone, turns out my sound card had some how turned itself off in the BIOS. It could be something like that but I have a feeling you've probably tried that lol hope your cat gets better soon

  3. I guess that's what you get for neglecting your pc.

    Well, at least Kyo re-opened the wound, otherwise it would've festered and been a big problem.

  4. He's 15.

    Gamera is a turtle, similar to Godzilla style huge monster though. He can breathe fire, fly using jets in his arms and legs, and just totally owns. I grew up watching him. Gamera is awesome. They made a new updated version a few years back. Gamera would make Godzilla his bitch though.

  5. Bat Country is a good song by Avenged Sevenfold. :D

    And I hope your kitty feels better soon. :3

  6. Wow, you have a pretty old fighting cat, that must mean he's healthy!

  7. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas is pretty funny...