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Saturday, December 4, 2010


Well not much happened today.  Decided Walking Dead just isnt interesting anymore so I'm bored of it.   

My poor cat spent the entire day inside just sleeping in my parents room.  He must be in pain to not want to move.  Problem is he's still in there and its 4am.  I'm worried he might need to go do special time but cant because my parents door is closed.  They've got the aircondition on you see.  I'm still super worried over him and hope he'll feel better soon and not get any worse.

I've been fairly slack lately in doing a few things.  Like uploading my videos from october since I have to cut them and then merge them and I'm seriously a massive slacker at heart.  Another thing I need to do is I promised a friend of mine I'd try and photoshop an old picture of him and his girlfriend from like 17 years ago and make it nicer.  Its like old, he's had it in his wallet all these years and theres creases and dirt smudges and all sorts of crap.  So I scanned it in and said I'd see what I could do.  I'm no magician at photoshop or anything but I've done some old photos before, like ones my parents had from the 60s and other ones that were so old that the colour was almost washed out, and I made them look good again.  Sometimes I fluke it so I'm worried I may have promised something I cant deliver, but I'm going to totally give it a shot anyway because thats what friends do.  Just hope I dont disappoint him if I cant get it just right.  If I'm happy with the outcome I'll post up the pics here of a before and after.  If I'm disgusted with it I'll pretend I never mentioned it lol

In the meantime heres a random picture I took while in greece from the balcony of my cousins cafe.  I stiched the pictures together to make a panoramic thingie.  As always click on it for a larger version.


  1. Cool random picture. :P
    I hope your cat feels better soon.

  2. I remember that view, that view was in "Bikini Girls For Jed" :D

  3. I hope your cat will be fine. He usually is, right? Maybe you should use something to kill the germs on him or use aloe to seal up his cuts faster? I dunno if that is effective on cats though...

  4. I've never used photoshop, I'm really bad at artsy things. Hopefully your friends picture comes out well.