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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Pretty much little I can share.  Bought a few bluray films I've been wanting for ages.  One was Edward Scissorhands, one of the best movies ever.  Only reason I never got it up to now was to see if they were planning to release a newer better version since the original has a few little issues.  Thats not happening and since its the best version around I might as well grab it.   Still have a few more to get at some stage.  Phantom of the Opera is one.  I really enjoyed that film lots.  But whenever I watch it now I'll always see Leonidis as the phantom lolol

Friend came over yesterday who I hadnt seen in almost a year.  Went to school with him so known him for over 20 years now.  Was pretty entertaining talking about how things were back then with friends and other crap.  He even mentioned a few names of people I'd totally forgotten, and some I just barely remember.  Hearing about old girlfriends and other girls we were interested in, that was probably the most entertaining part.  Although I was still the one of all my friends who had the highest rate of rejecting the most girls.  I'll admit I took a slight enjoyment out of doing that which is why I did it so often.  Mainly towards the pretty semi stuck up ones.  They were the ones who always expected things to go their way because they were 'hot'.  I always enjoyed taking them down a peg or two because it infuriated them.

He was also floored when he found out I'd never gotten into a fight ever.  He'd be like wtf dude I know you're a good fighter, how can you never have gotten into one? (martial arts etc)..  Well I rarely pissed people off.  Everyone seemed to like me well enough.  And the very few times I almost got into a fight I managed to always talk my way out of it.  I was never FORCED into a fight.  If I saw a way out of one I usually did it because I wasnt interested in getting into fights. I do have a couple funny stories of ways I got out of some.  Although one I'll never forget. 

We were on a class excursion, I was like 18 I think.  While at the place one of the taller slightly larger guys comes up to me and is all 'Hey I hear you can kick.  Show me a kick'.  I'm all wtf sorry not interested.  So he starts badgering me, telling me to show him a kick or he'll show me his fist.  I pretty much refused to break his stare and told him, seriously get lost I aint interested in starting crap with you.  After a couple more verbal challenges from him I just turned my back and walked away to the other side of the area where a couple of my friends were just staring at me wide eyed.  I asked them what their problem was and they said the guy was suchandsuch.  I pretty much went white.  I knew the name but never met the guy before even though he was in my damn class.  He was pretty much one of the best fighters around, went in interstate championships etc.  I realised I could of been dead if I had a cocky personality.  The next day he came up to me and said I must be pretty good not to be intimidated by him and we became friends.  If only he knew I didnt know who he was or I would of probably shit myself then and there haha.

The biggest thing that surprised me that I never noticed or paid attention to back then was peoples sexual preferences.  Like friend would mention the name of a guy we knew and be all like Hey did you think he was gay?  And I'd be naaah....wait..  And then I realised the way he acted and other little things, he could of easily been bisexual, since he went out with girls too.  The more I think about it the more I'm convinced he was.  Same goes for girls.  I've noticed theres a STACK more girls today who are happily bisexual and molest their friends often in public.  Especially under the age of 20-22 area.  And friend mentioned about this or that girl who actually did do things with other girls we knew in private.  So that floored me since it never came into my head.  Girls are girls, just not as private as before.  There really is hardly any difference between how teenagers act and what they do now as there was when I was 18.  Its not surprise to me, but if I was 18 and saw someone who was 35 I'd think they spent their childhood in the farms because there werent any electricity back then etcetcetc.  You know what I mean.

I'd put up a picture of something to do with me back in highschool, but I think all those pictures are in my parents room and right now they're sleeping lol.  So heres a picture of me when I was 7 next to a picture of my grandmother.  Its my favourite picture of me as a kid and I gave it to my grandmother when I was visiting her last year, first time I'd seen her in over 25 years.  The next morning I found she'd gotten it framed and placed it beside her own portrait which was pretty cool.  Incidentally I'm her favourite.  Not hard to believe is it lolol


  1. lol you look so cute back then .... what happened...? jks

  2. That picture always makes me laugh because you look so friggin' much like her.

    Man, you got the Edward Scissorhands bluray? Blehhh, I'm still holding out for a better release.

  3. Not gonna happen. VHS, DVDs, and Bluray, all had the same slight issues. They aint fixing it up. And I havent seen this film in over 10 years so I dont feel like waiting another 10 to see how a future release will turn out. Plus its only like $10. Thats $1 a year till the next one woooo!

  4. I can't wait until I'm at the age where I reminisce about my highschool days with someone I knew back then. Well, I can wait, but it'd be interesting at the very least.

    I've never been in a fight either. That's really cool to know you prefer not to fight, I think it's pointless.

    A good amount of my friends are either gay or bisexual, which is suprising, but at the same time it isn't.

    You really do look like your grandmother. It's amazing. How old is she? If you don't mind me asking.

  5. Ahhh, highschool memories. I actually had fun in highschool. I got in a few fights, but nothing too serious. I wonder how different Australian schools are from United States schools. Hmmm...

    Oh, and I'm 21, and bisexual, so I guess I fit right in with your observation. :D

  6. High school was awesome for me. I had heaps of friends so was always entertaining to go. So many funny stories I can think of. And some not so funny lol. Grandmother is around 86-87 I think.

  7. Yeah, I wasn't really the social type in school, not to say I was a loner or anything, just the guy that was there in class. But I did have a few close friends that I still hang out with.

  8. I honestly thought that picture of your grandmother was you in high school with an odd haircut, and then I read the rest.

  9. They did have colour photos in the 90s you know. And 80s. And 70s.