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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sin and Punishment.

It was my attention to post this a little while ago but it never worked out that way. Work has been having me do 3rd shifts to reset isles for summer products. Gah I dislike working graveyard shifts. I show up at 10pm to start the job. I was scheduled to work till 6am. The boss comes in for the morning and says none of us can leave until the whole thing is done. That be two more additional hours worth of work easy. On top of that he had the nerve to say "And cut the over time the next day you work." I smiled and said "Ok." And when 6am came around I put on my coat and left for the day. NO ONE TELLS THE JUGGERNAUT WHEN TO STAY!

                                                            On another note here is comic #2.

I also need to apologize to the readers. I posted that I have a new phone and never gave my number to anyone! Its 1-000-000-0002. Send me a text sometime!


  1. Wow, you sure do have a nice boss. He's about as nice as mine, haha. Although, you're my hero for just walking out like that. You have the most hilarious stories Mr. Juggernaut, lol.

    And I can't believe you got that phone number, you almost have the very first one! That'd be awesome if you got it but Con already got 1-000-000-0001. You're just one step behind him all the time. :P

    At any rate, I've already filled up your inbox, so enjoy that.

  2. Great comic 2, everyone is having weird things going around at work.