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Friday, March 18, 2011

Alternate Site Design Mark I

So I was screwing around with a few ideas of different layouts and styles for the page.  I made one which I'm going to slap up here.  This is basically a test blog that Jed and I made ages back just to screw around with a few things that we've deleted over time and tested.  So please DONT subscribe to it.  If you subscribe your name will show up in the subscribers section and we will take screenshots and mock you around a camp fire.  I've made a new poll on the site so go ahead and vote.  Also give me ideas of what you think would look better with this alternate design style so I know things to consider when creating a second layout.  Just click to enlarge it.


  1. Looks like red velvet curtains!

  2. I changed the look of my blog last night...
    maybe try something more simple like I did,
    something more plain & white? just a thought, but the red would look good too. :)

  3. I love it!! ^^ Wonder what is behind those red curtains... >w>

  4. Watch. Some people will subscribe to it anyways, haha.

    I love the design though.

  5. Excuse me... I believe you have my 'tapeler. Mmm... >.>

    I like the red one more than the current layout. However, I'd still like to see other ideas.

  6. I'm making more, but difficult since most of the styles they let me use are kinda crappy. Also I doubt I'll use this red one since by the voting its not really liked much. I'm hoping jed can make one as well since his brain works differently to mine.

  7. Oh wow, are we gonna watch some Shakespeare on this channel?
    I like it the way it is now, but this design better then mark II. Maybe cause I prefer the simplicity this design and the current lay out has.

    Just my two cent. Also, I can not shake the feeling that in time, with the Mark I layout, the words will eventually mutilate into Shakespearean English.