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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Over the past couple weeks its just been frustrating trying to get my pc to work as it should.  Well FINALLY I got my soundcard to behave and now it does everything I want it to.  So fucking happy you wouldnt believe.  I also got my system to burn some cds, something that it refused to do earlier for whatever reason.  Probably because I had nero installed.  Never using that god damn program ever again.  Damn virus.

I think you all recall how I black listed everyone from asking me for favours.  Well I crumbled the other day.  An auntie of mine, whos not really an auntie but dads cousin but I call her auntie, asked if I could copy some music cds she had.  She's pretty much the 1 person I'd make an exception for and I did.  So reluctantly I agreed.  She said she was wanting 12 cds copied. I said ok.  She said if its ok she'd like 3 copies of each.  I was like.....ok.  And then she says, can you copy the original picture on the discs and stick them onto the new ones?  I was like WTF as I'd never bothered doing that sort of crap before, but this just turned into serious effort.  But I'm nice and like I said she IS a special case.  So I said I'd see what I can do.  I went and bought one of those cd stomper label things.  I'm gonna try it out tomorrow to see how it works.  Cant be that difficult right?  I mean I got my fucking soundcard working after all.  Hopefully it ends up looking fine.  I need to finish burning these discs then scan the damn discs into my computer then print them out then stick them on the cds.  I'm basically booked out fo rthe next 2 days.  No gaming for me.

Speaking of gaming, Total War: Shogun 2  just came out.  Guess who got a copy?  THATS RIGHT!  I bought the very first one of this series when it came out like 10 years ago or whatever.  I love it and this was an instant purchase.  I got the huuuuuuuuge collectors edition that came with an art book, 7" figure, and a chessboard.  I love chess so this was an awesome no brainer for me.  I took some pictures. 

I love the amount of detail the chess pieces have.  Pictures dont do them justice.  Full sized set, very very happy with it.  Also just wanted to pimp off my other chessboard while I was at it.  Its a marble set.  Comes in this awesome red box case that closes and you can store the board and pieces inside.  Fairly heavy too. 


  1. wooow, the shogun's chess board is so awesome! And the marble one are so pretty *-*
    i like chess a lot too! I have a glass chess board ... is so shiny :D

  2. Wow, who knew that copying some music would be such a chore. Did she say why she wanted three of each?

    Even though I have no idea what this game is, everything looks awesome.