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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thats it. No more.

I've had it.  I'm sick and tired of people who are family friends asking me to help fix their pcs or do pc related stuff for them because they're too stupid to do it themselves.  I didnt say no in the past because them my parents would get upset because they're family friends etcetc blahblah.  No more.  I've had some horror experiences of going over someones house because they're a good friend of my dads and being told OH THERE IS THIS SMALL PROBLEM I DONT KNOW and then finding out its like basically throw the fucking pc out the window because its that useless.  And I spend hours.  And then I go back the next day and spend more hours.

Anyway, recent one was guy wanted me to type out his resume.  He couldnt do it because he's really bad with computers.  Mind you he can work on fucking AIRCRAFT ENGINES for the fucking airforce, but lets not bother with this simple fact.  So I look at it and see its 6 pages long.  I thought right there and then to say no, but this guys parents are like friends of y parents since before I was born.  Saying no wasnt an option.   So knowing my sly things I knew I could just scan the papers in and then output it as a text file and then start editing.  Yeah, if only things went that smoothly.  Getting it to do what I want and then trying to get used to the new MS Office layout which is totally different to the old version, that just pissed me off.  A couple days later he pops up unannounced and is all Have you finished it yet I really need it.  I'm like......... I've only managed to play an hour of gaming this week and you're asking me if I've had spare time to write up your stupid resume.  I spent hours on that blasted thing.  But then he went and did the one thing that pisses me off more then anything.  He gives me money.  I was furious.  I outright refused.  But so did he.  So you know what this means?  It means I have to focus completely on it and do more then a half arsed job.  So theres another 3-4 hours I spent on it.

I finally finish it and the next day I call him to come pick it up.  He's too busy and says if he can come sunday.  This is a bit annoying for me as saturday was just stupid and I didnt get to sleep in or relax or anything.  So I want sunday as my day.  I say fine, come late afternoon.  And he goes... Can I come in the morning?....  Yep.  Thats where I lost my patience.  Told him no, I want at least 1 sleep in day or I'll go crazy.  If he's that eager to come in the morning he can collect it from my mum.  He agreed to that.  Then my mum kept asking me 100 questions on what the papers are blahbah.

You know what, thats too much text above and this topic isnt even worth talking about.  I considered deleting it but I've already written it, no point adding more.  We'll just say Me Pissed, Me no helpy anyone again.  You might be wondering, did I get to sleep in.  No.  No I didnt.  Another relative came over to visit and brought over his 3 kids.  So all I heard was kids yelling and running up and down the fucking hallway from morning till afternoon. This is one of those days where I curse myself for not moving out.

Heres a comic from a site I like.  Every single panel this guy has written is 100% accurate. All of it is true.  Its enough to make you want to kill someone.

Con- "I will not fix your computer"


  1. Learning to say "no" to people makes your life a whole look easier. And people need to learn that you can't be doing everything for them. I hope next weekend you get your sleep in.

  2. Well .. Liverpool beat United! Thats something to be happy about !

  3. My friend has this exact same problem, and I sympathize. I keep telling him to LEARN TO FUCKING SAY FUCKING NO...or at least charge them for it. He can't do the former cause often they're blood-sucking relatives that hold some kind of power over the family (like holding the deed to his grandmother's inheritance) or just generally family friends he can't easily refuse. He has tried the latter but people apparently are content to step all over him and indefinitely hold up on their payments. Apparently a thank you is too much to expect.

    I don't think karma would begrudge you some time for yourself since you've been doing so many good deeds for people at your expense.

  4. Why don't you just say fuck it all and move?

  5. You mean they don't even OFFER to pay you? That's total crap.

    Tell the guy he gets what he paid for and to pick it up on your time or not at all.

  6. I learned these lessons long ago. Just because I'm perfectly competant with computers and know the hardware required to make a killer machine, everyone assumes I'm an expert on all things electronic. When someone asks, I just say I don't know anything about that particular topic. They moan and groan but I just ignore it.

  7. I hate it when people give you money for something like that. It makes you feef like you have to get even with them. Not in a bad way, but in a way that you don't feel indebted to them anymore.

  8. I feel your pain... a few days ago my mom asked me how she could refresh a page. T_T

    I currently am the only one in my house who knows how to work the Wii, the DVD player, Netflix, and the TV.

  9. I feel your pain. My mom asks me how to put in the audio video cables, (you know the red white and yellow ones) and I'm like "Are you seriously asking me to put the colored wire into the SAME COLORED slot?" But I do it anyway, 'cause I mean I'm only 14 and I can't talk back to my mom or she'll have my balls. I basically hook everything up in my house. Playstation, Xbox 360, Wii, DVD player, VCR, Cable box, etc etc.