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Monday, March 7, 2011

A Happy day for once

So I finally got my cables in that I needed to connect to my pc to get my new video card working.  And the thing works perfectly.  I havent tried any games with it but I'm sure its good.  I'll do that tomorrow when I have some  free time.  For now I'll let it adjust to being on.  I also ordered my new soundcard so I can use optic cable to my sound system.  My current card doesnt have the option which is pure shit.  So yeah.

Funny story at work.  I was logged into this ladies pc to help her set firefox so she could use it with the governments internet while at work instead of it not working at all.  So I set it up and decided IGN would be a decent enough thing to search.  Video games, cant go wrong.  One thing I didnt expect was firefox to be set to image search.  Other thing I didnt expect either was safesearch to be turned off.  The lady got a page full of breasts and other niceness.  Obviously she freaked out and I was trying hard not to lol myself into a coma.

-Con  "I really suck at my job lol"


  1. Was she mad at you?, she shouldn't be, It sounds hilarious :D

  2. Oh man! hopefully you didn't get in to much trouble.
    but still thats pretty humorous. ;D

  3. Showing some old prude some surprise boobs?
    That's what I call a good use of company time.

  4. Now just to get your optical soundcard.

    That's a great story from work. It's that kind of quality material you'll have the pleasure of sharing with your kids or grandkids someday.