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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I want a new avatar

You hear that Jed?  You promised me 5 different pictures at least for my posts!  I got 1!   DRAW ME MORE!!!

So just wanted to touch on one thing quickly.  My post the other day that listed a couple things of why I dont play with kilplix anymore, that stuff was like long before Tate ever appeared.  I havent played with them in almost a year.  And really in the last year and a half I probably played 3 times with them max.  So really its nothing to do with Tate.  Also dont think that theres sides to take.  Theres no sides.  Its just me frustrated with playing with a certain individual.  Thats about it.  No reason why you should be unsubscribing from kilplix's pages or videos or even posting abuse on his page.  I dont have any problem chatting with him.  Just gaming is a thing of the past.  I dont know I mean to me personally I dont see this as a massive deal.  I dont feel like playing with him anymore, thats pretty much it.  I'm not pissed at him.  I'm not saying I'm better then him or he's better then me or whatever.  I am definitely better then Jed though.  Thats a no brainer.  So yeah, what I'm saying is carry on normally.

Speaking of Jed, that LOSER promised to show me the third comic strip on the weekend when both of us actually have some free time to meet up.  The slow pace is a little frustrating, considering I've got a years worth of story in my thick head that I'd love to see on paper.  But patience is something I'm pretty good at.

Some of my workmates are trying to organise a starcraft 2 online battle for this saturday.  They hassled me for my details so they could drag me into the games.  I'm not sure if I'll be free then but we'll see.  I still havent tested if I can use my damn Mic since the soundcard switch.  I know before I had issues using it.  I should probably try and get it working.

Speaking of work, heres a screenshot of a job that was called in for us to take care of.  This is seriously real.  One guy at work printed it out and lamenated it at the office and held it up for all to see.  He was like  THIS IS AUTHENTIC!


  1. I have mice die all the time. But then i change my batteries.

  2. my ass was on the ground the second I read that picture xD And the guy lamenated it too xDD

  3. For a moment there, I thought he meant the computer mouse lol. What kind of request is that lol?

  4. At least you were man enough to put something and explain rather than simply avoiding the issue. The picture? HOLY HELL

  5. I didn't like Austin to begin with, hence the "screw Austin" comment.

    That picture is full of lol.

  6. Hm, I guess it was inevitable for you to leave.
    What I find amusing is Kilplix's new video. Having almost 200 dislikes, and everyone complaining about "Con's incident", while the less informed ones believe it was his act of deleting massive amount of friend requests are the reason.

    To be honest, and fair, I don't really think it was a big deal. I mean, Con didn't create a fuss about it, why should we, the outsiders, riot about it? Seriously, the video became a place for the hate for Kilplix to spread.
    Result: Austin removing his video a few minutes ago, so the video was uploaded for no more then half a day.

  7. That pic made my day :'D

    @DarkElf23 Damn straight.

    Makes me sad to see Austin being a dick. I'll still see his videos. But that last one cross the line.


  8. I only watched kilplix's videos to see you and Jed be awesome, not for kilplix. So you better put up some god damn videos of you and Jed being awesome!

  9. I'm pretty sad when I don't see any new videos of your group playing together anymore. I know it was going to happen eventually, but it's still sad to see it happen.

    Whatever the reason though, it doesn't matter to me. At least I can still follow everyone individually on here.

  10. Very Nice picture there. I was at a loss for words at first.

    And about the 'incident', i guess I can say I've been out of it for awhile and I have no idea what's going on.
    As long as you guys don't start berating each other when the other's not looking, I'm fine with it.

  11. I was busy doing other stuff for a while and I look back to find the internet explode into a sea of hate...

    On the flip side, I sure do hope you guys are good at mice-related PC problems. XD

  12. well..its okay if you dont wanna play with him xD..he screams a lot ._. you and jed and sometimes cody made his videos fun xD.
    er that lamaneted looks like a job for pest-busters