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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

flofl colofl

So today I came across an epic thing.  I found out why this curry place in the city that I've been going to is so awesome.  Its from the owners of a different curry place that was nearby my place that closed up some years back and left a void in my heart ever since.  I freaked out.  I also asked the guy if he still made my favourite dish, chicken tikka.  He said not really because everyone seems to always ask for that revolting butter chicken crap.  I asked him if he could make some tikka tomorrow.  He turns to me and says FOR YOU I WILL MAKE A TRAY.  Seems he remembers me lol.  So tomorrow is tikka thursday!  Just to be clear, this aint normal chicken tikka.  Their curry destroys anyone elses.  Their recipe is more pakistani/english than indian. 

Sad moment for me.  The work trip for paintball got announced.  April 2.  But 9am on a saturday and its about 35min drive out.  I'm sorry but I dont wake up early on weekends.  Its just not happening.  So I'm losing out sadly.  Mind you who knows if I'll even still be there by then.  Hopefully I'll get a job at one of these other places I've been applying to.  Was pretty funny today though.  They finally found out how old I actually am and refused to believe it.  They passed my drivers license around the office.  I'll admit to taking pleasure whenever that happens.

I'd also like to share one more thing.  Jed left me a message saying he didnt know how to upload the picture for the second comic strip.  Lets all point and laugh at him.  I know I am!  And most of the time I dont even need a reason to do that.  And with that I taunt him by uploading a picture lolololol


  1. I love curry, it's so delicious. There aren't many foods that I outright enjoy eating, but curry is one of them.

    Where have you been applying?