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Friday, March 11, 2011

Wait a second..

Been talking to a gent on the internet about the new 3DS. He got himself one from Japan and seems very happy about his purchase. During the discussion I point him to Joystiq's review of the handheld and how one of the biggest negatives about the unit was battery life. Those guys got 3-5 hours before the portable died.

Now I don't know if he was just being a fanboy or if he was just trying to defend his costly purchase but he claims he never noticed such poor battery life after using it off and on for 3 days now. He later goes into detail that to improve his battery life to exaggerated 12-15 hours (In perspective my DS lite gets 5-9) he turns off the 3D, wifi, speakers, ect. My reply to him was the following.


  1. Too many DS...I still have my DS lite..

  2. If anything the DS taught me to never buy Nintendo's handhelds during the first year. I owned the original DS when it came out and then Nintendo made the lite! Give this 1-2 years and you'll not only get a cheaper system but a improved one! By that time the games will be worth getting as well.

  3. True...Got my ds after it was out for 2years...But I bought my PSP silver*oooooh shiny* right when I came out

  4. Wow, that's a crappy deal. My friends' girlfriend got him this as an early birthday gift. I haven't heard almost anything about this system, other than it somehow has 3D capabilities without any peripherals.

  5. I know many of my friends will be getting the 3DS as soon as it comes out. And to be honest, that battery life isn't really that bad. The battery on my ds lite at the moment is at that point right now and I'm still able to do everything I need with it.

    That meme is just priceless though, haha.