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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today was a waste of space

BLEAH is the best way to describe it.  Work was very entertaining.   One of my co-workers got mega stressed  because some executive lady on the phone, who is thick, went mental at him.  It took our supervisor to call her and sort her straight on what we can and cant do.  She basically demanded someone be in the office at 7am to install programs when everyone starts work at 8.  When supervisor called her to straighten things out she said 7:30am, effectively changing her story.  He ended up going home at lunch time citing feeling ill.  

Last week one of the girls got yelled at over the phone and was basically a shaking quivering mess for a couple hours.  Took one of our supervisors to call and set the other person straight.  And today?  YOU GUESSED IT!  I got a mega complaint tossed to my supervisor!  Difference between me and the others?  I basically shrugged it off and said WHATEVER since it wasnt my fault and I dont plan to stay there once more probation ends next month.  The one thing you realise about this job is you have a high level of clearance, a high level of responsibility, and if you screw up its actually a really really bad thing. 

Also get some of the higher ups in the government upset for any imaginary reason, and if you cant back yourself up to show you arent in the wrong, that person will basically make it their lifes ambition to block you from ever getting a job in the government again.  Almost happened to one of my other co-workers.  She had 3 of the highest level of our company come to her, and one of them was only second lowest to basically the lord mayor, or some shit, and they were furious because some bitch of a whore was pissed at her over something.  The good thing is the girl saw this coming and kept every single email to show the other person was fabricating stories to screw her over.  After the others saw the emails they basically said 'ok carry on' to her like nothing ever happened.  The other lady?  Probably told dont do that again, btw heres a fucking raise.  This is why I will not stay in this job.  Real shame because I'm going to miss everyone I work with.  They're fucking awesome.

And to top off the day?  I found out my FUCKING soundcard cant do optic out even with an adaptor.  Its gimped.  I have to buy a new one if I want digital sound.  Could of sworn it could do it.  To get one with the feature is only like $100.  Nothing drastic, but still.  Fuck me sideways, its not fair.

I'm experimenting with some new layouts for the blog.  Seeing what is and isnt possible with this shitty place.  Theres enough people who dont like the current setup for me to try something else.  I'll put up a few different variations during the weekend.  Will run them passed jed first.


  1. I left my car lights on this morning but your story is better. -Mr. Jed

  2. I warn you, make sure you have a new job lined up before leaving this one. I don't know how things are in your area, but I've been looking for a job for 9 months with no luck.

  3. Sounds like lame times at work. Where are you hoping to work next?

    You changed to a tan background to the text, right?
    That looks good. Matches really well with the parchment wallpaper.

  4. I can't stand people that screw over their workers/other people like that. Unless if it's completely justified from a business/realistic point of view, not a personal viewpoint.

    Now I'm curious to know what happened with the car, Jed.