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Saturday, March 12, 2011


So I finally got my new soundcard in.  Slapped it into my pc and OMG SURPRISE ISSUES!  Been trying for the past couple days to get things working but no such luck.  Pretty sure the only way I'm going to get this stupid bug to correct itself is to reinstall windows, and I'm just really not in the mood for that.  Chances are I'll pull it out and use it down the track, and for now default to my onboard sound.

I got my second slap across the face yesterday when I realised EB was the only place in god damn Australia who is supplying the collectors edition of Witcher 2.  Everywhere else has the shitty premium version.  Worst is they've SOMEHOW sold out of pre-orders.  Since when does this happen!  Now I'm forced to get it overseas.  Most likely amazon.  Not happy.  I never preorder games.  Its bloody rare.  At least I got my shogun 2 order in.  I MUST have that chessboard.

You'll have noticed Jeds started using one of the characters portrait for whenever he posts.  I was planning to use the other one so you could all tell whos posting when.  Sadly all the things we want to do here is a little slow in coming because we both work and are just useless to boot.

Also Japan, worst thing to happen anywhere.  Some unbelievable things coming out of there.  But fuck me they're amazing people.  Faced with such devastation we can only try to imagine, how do they react?  With character and determination.  They havent somehow broken down into chaos and started looting and turning mindless.  Amazing people.


  1. Yeah, true to that on Japanese people. Some of the greatest things in this world comes from them in fact. Fucking tsunamis.

  2. If you're trying to figure out how far the water came inland, picture driving in a straight line for 15min or so and its roughly that. I mean my entire city would be gone if that happened here. Darwin? More like sea.

  3. As a trained historian, I can say for a fact that the Japanese have been through more than most over the past hundred years or so. A decade of ruinous warface, fire-bombings, 2 A-bombs, countless earthquakes, a terrorist attack on the Tokyo subway, and now this. They'll bounce back, they always do, and better than before I bet. They're just amazing.

  4. Maybe it's your motherboard thats failing?

    And yea, it sucks what happened to Japan :/ I saw images of people houses being washed away on the news, was awful :(

    didnt the tsunami hit Australia too?

  5. It didnt hit us. We just had massive floods because of the cyclone.

    And its not my motherboard. This is a Creative issue with windows.

  6. Sorry to hear that your sound card is giving you trouble. You just can't seem to get everything for your computer working properly.

    I'm glad there's some form of ID on who's posting now. It's not like I couldn't figure whoe who was typing what after reading a paragraph or so, but the picture now lets me know before I even start reading. Thanks.

    Yeah, the people there are really honorable and have a great sense of pride and duty, which is very admirable. Hopefully things start looking up for them.

  7. I heard there are people in Japan raping stranded women by going around claiming to be Officers helping to bring them to a "safer place". WTF :C

  8. Not sure what scary news site you've been reading. If this was africa I'd believe it. Japan has one of the lowest levels of rape recorded offences in the world.

  9. Con stay off the roads... I got my P plates