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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I think I'll keep it!

So for about 7 days now I have been using a new phone on the Virgin mobile network. While I am not crazy about the brand I never heard of a Android phone on any major pre-paid network before. You read that right. Its a ANDROID phone.

For $149 I got a LG Optimus V. It has Android 2.2.1 pre-installed with talks of "Gingerbread" coming at the end of the year for the entire Optimus line. Yeah well we'll see. With that said its a pretty nice phone for the price. Think of it as a iPod Touch but it can make calls!

For $25 a month I have unlimited 3G data, unlimited text, and 300mins of talk. AT&T wants $60 for a similar deal and Verizon would want $3 a day.

Oooooh. Its a "SMART" phone.
Product placement is key for good marketing.
If you look at my hand in the last pic close enough it looks like I am wearing a red glove. I use it to kill my enemies. -Mr. Jed


  1. Sounds like a pretty good deal.

    Marketing? All I see is a good looking picture of a woman and a red glove.

  2. I heard about Android phones coming to Virgin Mobile and such..I thought it was really awesome. I mean you get a cool and nice working phone without having to pay the rediculous prices that AT&T and Verizon would make you pay if you got their phones instead.

    Though I'm still content with my lil ol' Samsung phone from T-Mobile. >w<

  3. Picture of a woman and a red glove? Sounds like Jeds usual friday night 'speed date'

  4. Sweet deal. Keep it :D

    @Con: Oh lawl.

  5. Not to be a smart ass, but isn't an iPod Touch that can make calls an iPhone?

  6. Ipod touch cant make phone calls. Its a stripped iphone.